Monday, August 2nd, 2010

"As the only low tax candidate in Boothby, I thank my opponents for letting me represent the majority of people who are sick of high taxes," said Liberal Democrat candidate for Boothby, Michael Noack.

"Australians pay too much tax. I will introduce a 30% flat tax with a large $30,000 tax free threshold."

Michael will pay for the tax cuts in part by simplifying the tax system and cutting government waste.

"We waste billions hiring tax officers and tax accountants to deal with a law that is 4,485 pages and 395,719 words long. That money will go straight to the pockets of the Australian people.

"With so much waste in the Rudd stimulus we might have to lower taxes even further as we find more and more savings."

For more information and policies see or contact Michael on 04 2444 6565

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The Liberal Democrats support personal and economic freedoms. From censorship to taxes, the Liberal Democrats oppose the nanny states control over our lives and want to see deicisions return to individuals and local communities.
Michael Noack
P: 04 2444 6565


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