Thursday, July 29th, 2010
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire) - Fuel Concepts Pty Limited (Sydney, NSW Australia) and DBS Distributors, Inc (Austin, TX United States), worldwide distributor of ECCO2 and ECO Systems patent technology, have entered a cooperation with Maximumm Green Pty Limited (Sydney, NSW Australia) to market and distribute for ECCO2 Program.

The joint venture will introduce Australia and Asia Pacific region to ECCO2 (Environmental Control of Carbon Dioxide) Project in pursuit to offset carbon emissions produced by public transportation, government vehicles, cement manufacturers, gas companies, and mining projects. ECCO2 anticipates that government agencies and large companies will become participants in the program just as those parties already active in the Americas.

"We are excited to be partnering with Fuel Concepts and ECCO2 Program," says Peter Carr, CEO of Maximumm Green Pty Ltd located in Sydney, Australia. "We believe this effort will help participating organizations do their part in worldwide carbon emissions reduction efforts," Carr continues.

The ECCO2-Maximumm Green venture has a target goal to offset 50 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions before the end of 2012 through use of ECCO2 and ECO devices by the participants. Despite Australia government currently in political limbo whether to establish a carbon tax, ECCO2 will contribute to Kyoto Protocol, create over 1,000 jobs, and has already engaged into a viable trading system for the carbon offsets that are developed over the next decade.

Cary Lee Peterson, President of Fuel Concepts Pty Limited and DBS Distributors, Inc. comments to press, "I'm pleased to expand ECCO2 Program in cooperation with Maximumm Green. I think we can enable Australia and the Asia Pacific region to become more interactive with ECCO2's war on carbon emissions and create tremendous job opportunities within communities just as we have already started to do in America. Nonetheless, I feel that ECCO2 is the most viable solution to reduce carbon that these nations have seen so far. Whether it's establishing a fair carbon tax, offset verification methods, or market value for offsets; ECCO2 will dominate the objectives to reduce carbon emissions worldwide unlike any other carbon offset project out there today."

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