Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
It is a relatively unknown fact that the majority of commercial lighting is being supplied with more electrical voltage than it requires. Australia maintains a network of 240V and although this level is required to support the operation of most appliances, lighting can maintain its illumination with a reduction of up to 35V. This leads to significant savings when operating costs are reduced with each decreased volt.

Energy efficiency solutions company Harvest has secured a distribution agreement for the internationally successful range of Powersines Lighting Energy Controls.

Powersines systems are used in retail outlets, petrol stations, car dealerships and for large street lighting grids across Europe and the USA to regulate the voltage supplied to indoor and outdoor lighting circuits. Companies currently employing the system include Tesco, Audi, McDonalds as well as numerous City Councils.

The proprietary technology is based on generating an induced negative voltage, decreasing the output to the desired level. The system can control multiple demand circuits removing the excess voltage supply.

Harvest Managing Director Jensen Farley believes it is the right time for the Powersines product to be introduced into the Australian market. “As a typical installation of the Powersines product will generate 15% - 35% electricity demand reduction for lighting a commercial property, there are significant environmental and financial benefits to be achieved.”

Lighting Energy Controls have been used extensively across the commercial sector by service stations, car parks, food retail outlets and major retailers. City Councils have also applied the controls to reduce the costs associated with street lighting.

“Powersines is a relatively inexpensive retrofit product that results in immediate gains. Regardless of the introduction of any additional energy efficiency incentives, there are a number of viable solutions available now that can significantly reduce the operating costs of any business.”

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