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Electronic Waste is fast becoming the Consumer's Responsibility...

Planet Green's CRT E-Waste recycling service is unique to Sydney & NSW. And, Planet Green is only 15 minutes away and central to over one million people and businesses around Sydney’s Northern suburbs as a drop off or pick-up point.

Australians create a mountain of electronic waste every year, and that mountain is set to get even bigger as computers are upgraded more frequently than ever before and new digital televisions replace older analogue television sets.

Most people know how harmful it is to put electronic waste into landfill sites and want to do the right thing by the environment, but they don't always know how.

They know that when their old computers, televisions, VCRs and DVDs go to the dump, dangerous toxins such as 2.5 kg of lead, traces of cadmium, mercury and arsenic can leach into the ground, polluting the water table.

Up until now local government clean ups have taken care of residential electronic waste, but more and more councils are changing this policy.

Several Sydney North Councils have banned E-Waste from nature strips and waste management stations, before long every council will require consumers to find environmentally responsible solutions for their electronic waste.

Small to medium enterprises and corporations also know the value of being environmentally responsible and the damage that e-waste dumping can do to their public image.

Yet Australians continue to throw out 1.5 million computers a year to be dumped in landfill, releasing 6,000 tonnes of toxic chemicals into the Soil, water table and atmosphere.

The rest are shipped "as is" to Asia for "recycling" with only a very small percentage recycled locally in Australia.

This is where a new breed of E-Waste companies such as Planet Green Recycling has emerged. Being centrally located on Epping Rd North Ryde, the ‘pick up’ or ‘drop off station’ is within 20 driving minutes of 1.5 million people and businesses in the Sydney basin.

For less than $20 Planet Green can dismantle and recycle an old computer, and retrieve its hard drive serial number for the customer - all without adding anything to landfill.

Planet Green Managing Director Doug Campbell says, "When you consider how much consumers and corporations spend on technology, it's a small price to pay for the peace of mind of being environmentally responsible."

Mr Campbell goes on to say "With E-fraud being one of the fastest growing crimes world-wide, security of data is just as important as environmental responsibility when choosing an e-waste solution in June 2010 US CBS NEWS PROGRAM discovered ‘End of life’ multifunctional printers by the ten’s of thousands have hard drives that are suspected to be the source extract for many years of confidential business copy information for crooks. Planet Green guarantees your e-waste will not end up at a dumping ground in China, or Vietnam with your hard drive information ripe for identity fraud retrieval."

Planet Green's North Ryde Plant can now dismantle and recycle up to 800 CRT's (cathode ray tube) and computers per week. They are also very proud of the fact that 70% to 80% of their staff comes from the most under-utilised work force resource: partially disabled people from the Australian Foundation for the Disabled (Afford).

"We have short term plans in place to lift capacity over the next twelve months to 3500 units per month at our CRT recycling plant in anticipation of the increase in demand for e-waste services" said Mr Campbell of his vision.

"We think we can, within a short period of time, make a big dent in the problem of unsecure and environmentally unsound E-waste disposal in New South Wales and beyond."

Doug Campbell is available for press and broadcast interviews, and can offer expert opinions on secure waste disposal and the processes involved in E-waste recycling.

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Planet Green is a complete recycling centre where you can drop off your unwanted TVs, Computers, and other E-Waste for ‘green’, secure recycling. The recycling and transfer station is located in Sydney’s North Ryde
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