Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
Aussie kids can now learn music theory using their ears! Anna Lu, a music teacher in Brisbane and founder of Music Bumblebees, has just released her second Aural & Theory Workbook for young musicians. Her innovative approach to teach theory from an ear training perspective has brought back excitement to music theory learning for kids!

"I believe this is the first music theory workbook with aural CD published in Australia," said Anna. "Young children learn best with sound, I want to make learning theory easy and fun for them." The workbooks come with an aural training CD, stickers, colourful layout and fun exercises. They are designed to make Aussie kids love music theory.

Anna, with her Masters in Music Studies from the University of Queensland specialising in aural pedagogy for children, has specially designed the aural CD with narration to guide the students through the different music concepts and provide fundamental aural training for the ears. In doing so, Anna is hoping to change traditional music theory learning into a fun, engaging and at the same time challenging experience for both children and music teachers.

The release of Music Bumblebees Aural & Theory Workbook B this month continues the excellent respond from the release of Workbook A earlier this year. Both workbooks are now distributed by AMPD to all good music shops around Australia. A number of primary schools and music schools are using this workbook for their young students.

"Music teachers will undoubtedly welcome this exciting resource which, being equally suited to studio and classroom contexts, creatively introduces music fundamentals to students in a logical, step-by-step manner," says Dr. Julie Kirchhubel, lecturer in Aural Studies from the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University.

Anna is now working on the last workbook of the series and planning to have it completed by end of 2010. Her aim is to have students ready to attend the AMEB Music Theory Grade 1 Exam when they complete the Music Bumblebees Aural & Theory Workbook series.

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Music Bumblebees

Music Bumblebees' vision is to initiate a music culture for young children, through the recognition of the importance of a successful early childhood music education program.

Anna Lu, the founder of Music Bumblebees, started her long journey to achieve this vision by creating an early learning music program for young children based on aural training. She put this music program in practise, and received overwhelmingly good response.

In order to better achieve this vision and reach a much wider audience, she began putting this music program into a workbook. Hence, the creation of Music Bumblebees Aural and Theory Workbook Series.
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