Friday, July 30th, 2010
An Australian website is offering kids the world over a taste of celebrity, allowing them the chance to become the stars of their own animated adventure.

Online at, creative couple Rob Macdermid and Natalie Kull have launched a unique and creative gift solution that allows families, relatives and friends to give kids (4 to 11 years) a truly innovative present – the gift of stardom – for less than the price of a cinema ticket.

Rob and Natalie have devised an easy and fun-to-use website. All that’s needed are the child’s name and an Internet connection. As the cartoons are based entirely online, this gift can’t be broken, scratched or lost, meaning it will be around as a precious memory forever. Plus, the kids can print off a full colour, or colour-in poster of the cartoon movie to proudly hang on their bedroom wall.

There are four easy steps that show how the Rainy Day Tales website works:
Step 1 – choose the story adventure that best suits your child
Step 2 – create an avatar of your child
Step 3 – choose the first name of your child from the list of over 900 names (if your name isn’t listed, you can send a request email that takes less than a day to turn around)
Step 4 – Pay through Paypal, add the story to your Rainy Day Tales library and then send it on to whoever you like.

Site creator and founder, Rob Macdermid said:
“Rainy Day Tales make every kid feel special. Most important of all, the stories expand the child’s imagination and their sense of self by making them the centre of attraction.”


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