Friday, July 23rd, 2010
The term Egyptian cotton is usually applied to the extra long staple cotton grown along the Nile River in Egypt where full sun, high humidity and rainfall are prevalent. Egyptian cotton is harvested from small, bushy trees and has very long, silky fibers that give fabrics made from it a very strong but luxurious feeling.

In addition to Egyptian cotton’s durability and desirable texture, it is also known for its superior absorption characteristics. This allows not only for excellent color absorption when coloring fabrics but it provides a better choice for designing bath towels and clothing.

While Egyptian cotton may be best known for its use in manufacturing bed linens and towels, it is also used in production of superior quality clothing such as men’s dress shirts and ties and women’s shirts and dresses.

Clothing made with Egyptian cotton is more durable than that made with ordinary cotton, it provides greater absorbency which allows for more vibrant, exciting colors, and it feels as rich and luxurious as it looks.

For the ultimate comfort and durability in men’s dress suits, Egyptian cotton is the superior choice when choosing the fabric. The long, silky strands of the Egyptian cotton plant, when woven into fabric designed for men’s dress suits provides the strength of the cotton, the sensory excitement of the luxurious feel, and a fit that is not only comfortable but can not be matched for its ability to hang like no other fabric can.

Men’s suits, made with Egyptian cotton are an investment in a wardrobe that will outlast every other suit in the closet. The superior absorption characteristic of the cotton also makes a men’s suit more comfortable to wear even in the warmest of climates. So whether you’re headed to a high pressure meeting in the board room or a night on the town, a suit made with Egyptian cotton is going to make you feel much more comfortable!

Val Parks Fine Clothing knows the value of making their customers look as good as they feel and that’s why they offer top quality men's suits and other clothing made of superior, wrinkle resistant Egyptian cotton fabric.


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