Friday, July 23rd, 2010
Presbyopia is a naturally occurring loss of vision, not associated with any eye disease, which affects most adults beginning in their mid to late forties. This type of vision loss affects a person's ability to focus on small objects or images at near distances. The loss of vision in the case of presbyopia is a result of an inability of the eye to bend light appropriately so that when light is refracted onto the retina the image is blurred. Presbyopia makes reading, especially fine print, notably difficult or impossible and often necessitates the use of vision aid equipment.

Until recently treatment options for presbyopia included the wearing of reading glasses, the use of contact lenses, or the undergoing of laser eye surgery, typically involving having special lenses permanently implanted in the eye. The development and introduction of a new type of laser eye treatment by Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH claims to offer a non-surgical option for those suffering from presbyopia vision loss. This innovative laser eye treatment, called INTRACOR addresses the causes of presbyopia by using a laser only process which gently impresses a series of concentric rings on the stroma through precision technology thereby modifying the angle at which the cornea curves in order to allow the eye to correctly focus on near objects and images.

The advantages of INTRACOR include it's minimally invasive nature alongside it's level of convenience, as the laser process only takes twenty seconds on average. The results of the procedure are immediately effective and after undergoing the process one can usually return to their normal activities in only a few hours. In addition, the process is exceptionally personalized to the individual eye as a result of the microscopic precision lasers used.

INTRACOR is recommended for those with minor vision problems, determined by an ophthalmologist as resulting from presbyopia, who wish to improve their vision. It it not recommended for those with eye diseases or those who are in a state of general ill health.


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