Thursday, July 22nd, 2010
Are you planning on entering into a bodybuilding contest within the next few weeks? If so, you must begin to undergo a special preparation that will help gain that winning edge. Many bodybuilding competitors are unaware of the proper approach they need to take in order to become a winner. They feel that working out with fitness equipment alone will get them ready for a big contest. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Here are several tips that can help any bodybuilder get ready for a huge contest within a short period of time:

Select A Contest

This is always the first step one should make if they have intentions of participating in bodybuilding contests. Sit down and decide when it is convenient for you to compete. Do you prefer spring contests or summer contests? You should also make a decision on which organization you would like to compete in.

A contest within your town or city is probably is good starting point. A contest within your city will give you a chance to get your feet wet. This experience will help you develop into a better competitor when you enter the larger national and international competitions.

Start Your Diet

It is prudent for you to eat small meals during the course of the day. Ideally, five to six each day will be fine. Make certain that you are consuming plenty complex carbohydrates, green vegetables, and protein. Avoid foods that contain a high amount of sodium!

Sustain A High Intensity Training Regimen

Start training three months out from the contest. Hit the fitness equipment hard and push yourself to the limit. A french curling bar and flat bench are two of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment that you will find in the gym.

The french curling bar will add mass and definition to your biceps. Simply add weight and begin curling in a slow motion. A flat bench will allow you to bench press a substantial amount of dead weight. Bench presses are well known for expanding a bodybuilder's chest. The biceps and chest are two of the most noticeable body parts of a bodybuilder. They have helped many competitors win championships!

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises will help you get lean for competition. A light run or walking on the treadmill will suffice.

Choose Your Poses and Develop Your Routine

Select poses that will work for you. Your poses should exhibit the strongest points on your body. Choose a suitable song that complements your routine.

Getting ready for a bodybuilding contest is not as difficult as some may think. Following the tips listed above can help any bodybuilder get off to a great start. As you see, it takes more than working out with fitness equipment to become a bodybuilding champion.


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