Thursday, July 22nd, 2010
REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire) - Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) announces the first developmental release of BIND 10. This exciting next generation of BIND, the most widely deployed DNS server software on the Internet, is not intended to replace BIND 9 -- yet. This current release of BIND 10 marks the achievement of the first year milestone for the project, an authoritative-only DNS server. As part of its collaborative mission, ISC encourages all DNS administrators and developers to download and thoroughly test BIND 10. The more insight ISC gains into this release, the better the beta release of BIND 10.

Over 1,700 copies of the authoritative server have been downloaded since the first release of code in April of this year. All aspects of the BIND 10 software, along with blogs from the developers, are documented and available at New developmental releases are available for download approximately every six weeks at:

"Community involvement is critical to the success of BIND 10 development. BIND has long enjoyed community participation in our software development process and we're thrilled to see it flourishing with BIND 10," stated Shane Kerr, ISC BIND 10 Programme Manager. "In alignment with ISC's public benefit charter, we depend on sponsors and donors to support ISC's initiatives -- particularly BIND 10."

In Year two of development, our primary objective is implementing a recursive, validating DNS resolver for BIND 10. Additionally, ISC plans work on performance tuning for the authoritative server, work on a DHCP implementation and initial development of the command language. ISC has posted its 5-year plan for BIND 10 at

Fundamental work on the new generation of BIND would not have been possible without generous support from ISC's first year sponsors:

Patron Sponsors: CIRA, CNNIC, and JPRS

Sponsors: Afilias, AFNIC, DENIC, FCCN,, Nominet,, SIDN, and the registry.

Please learn more about ways to participate or donate at And for more information about BIND 10, please visit

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Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation widely known for world-class Internet software engineering and network operations. ISC produces only open-source software, of which BIND and ISC DHCP are the two best-known examples. Our emphasis is on Internet core technology. Our widely imitated Managed Open Source process ensures the quality of this software while keeping it completely open and available.

ISC operates high-reliability global networks of DNS root servers (F-root) and authoritative DNS servers ([email protected]) both for non-profit and for commercial enterprises. ISC is also very involved in ongoing Internet protocol and standards development, particularly in the areas of DNSSEC and IPv6. ISC is supported by donations from generous sponsors, by program membership fees, and by specific fees for services. For program or donation information, please visit our website at
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