Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Are Win24 members amongst the luckiest people in Australia? "Well, we can't say they are the luckiest but what we do know is that over time, Win24 members are likely to win more prizes than your average competition participant," says Mark Jones of Win24 Australia.

Win24 was established in Germany over ten years ago and based on its phenomenal success quickly spread to other parts of Europe with equal success.

Win24 is very simply a competition entry service. Win24 automatically enters its subscribing members into a large number of competitions each and every month without the member having to do anything themselves.

"Win24 soft launched in Australia in October 2009 and has already built up a large and loyal member base made up of your everyday Australian (many of whom have already won a significant range of prizes) who would love to regularly enter competitions but just don't have the time!" says Mark.

So how does it work?

Here in Australia, Win24 guarantees its members that it will enter them into a minimum of 70 competitions with a minimum total prize pool of $200,000 each and every month. That's a minimum of 840 competitions and $2,400,000 total prize pool each year - not bad considering you would have to be an absolute fanatic to enter that number of comps yourself!

Win24 constantly researches all the available Australian based competitions out there each month and carefully selects those to which it will automatically enter its members.

Win24 carefully reads all the rules of each competition, ensures that its members do not have to purchase or subscribe to anything and will even provide a unique email address for each member so that they don't have to go through the inevitable spam. Win24 filters it all for you!

"We all know Australians love to have punt and the number of competitions out there at any given time for people to find and enter is simply staggering," says Mark. "At any given time there is an estimated 2000 plus competitions running with a total of $150 million worth of prizes up for grabs! Of course, finding competitions, reading the rules and choosing which one's to enter is not easy.

"So it's not hard to see why has become so popular so quickly – they do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is to sit back and hope to win, which, with 70 competitions a month being entered every month on your behalf, and as many members have already found out, shouldn't be that far away!"

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Win24 Australia

Win24 Australia is the first competition entry service to be established in Australia. For a monthly membership fee Win24 Australia will enter members in a minimum of 70 competitions with an aggregate value of $200,000 each and every month.
Mark Jones
P: 1800 835 119
M: 0418 862 626


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