Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Nothing of this kind has ever been attempted in history.  300 to 1000 fitness professionals are gathering to form the 300 Project, which has the mandate of transforming the health of the nation into one of optimal wellness.  The first event is scheduled to begin Monday, 04 October 2010.  On that day, 25,000 people will participate in small group fitness classes at various venues and parks throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

The event organisers selected 25,000 as a starting point for the event because it is 1% of the population of Melbourne.  This is the tipping point for any “revolution”.  The dream is that preventable health challenges will become extinct and that Australian citizens will cause their own wellness.  The implications of the initiative are far reaching and address such challenges as mental health, diabetes, the environment as well as personal and community financial wellbeing. In causing a tipping point, the project is expected to continue in other capital cities throughout Australia following success in Melbourne.  The event will be run four times a year, giving 100,000 Melburnians the gift of optimal wellness.

The guiding principle of the initiative is that wellness is a function of community.  An individual is only as healthy as they are successful in inspiring their neighbours to accept wellness for themselves.  It is expected the participants will not only have a transformation in their personal wellness, but that they will also inspire everyone in their sphere of influence to get involved as well.

The 300 Project personal trainers are compensated for their service delivery within the initiative.  Participants pay a nominal fee to participate.  Each of the 25 – 50 participants allocated to a personal trainer is the responsibility of that trainer to manage.  The 300 Project provides a centralised tool for collecting data and running reports on the effectiveness of the initiative.  These findings will be published in relevant peer reviewed journals at the conclusion of every 6-week cycle. 

To date, the 300 Project is in discussions with the Australian Heart Foundation and other non-profit preventative health organisations.  The 300 Project will donate 50% of profits to partner non-profit preventative health organisations.  The 300 Project is active in both tactics and strategy to create effective relationships between preventative health organisations and legislators.  Without the collaboration of everyone (participants, personal trainers, preventative health organisations, the media, government and corporate organisations), the initiative cannot achieve its goal.

Personal trainers who would like to be a part of the initiative should contact the event organisers ( to submit their expression of interest.  Minimum requirements are as follows:

1.       Fitness industry association membership, i.e. AIPT, Fitness Australia, Kinect etc

2.       Current First Aid level 2

3.       Appropriate insurance

4.       Cert III/IV

Training and mentorship in group fitness program development and participant management will be provided.  There are compulsory 300 Project trainer meetings for development and team building.  Performance bonuses are available for trainers who meet their targets and an optional training rebate bonus available to those who qualify.

The 300 Project ( is proudly sponsored by  For more information on how you can support and/or participate please contact Stone Gye via +61390010400, [email protected] or send correspondence to 92/103 Beach Street Port Melbourne VIC 3207.

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