Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
Opticomm ( a specialist Australian telecommunications provider that focuses on Fibre-to-the-Premises networks has integrated Opengear’s 3G-enabled secure remote management appliances to improve provisioning, operation and maintenance of critical equipment.

The Opticomm solution delivers the following services to residents across an advanced Passive Optical Network (PON) infrastructure:

* High Speed Broadband Internet Access (100Mbps and beyond)
* Free-to-Air and Free-to-Satellite TV
* Subscription TV
* Video-on-demand (VOD)
* Telephone including low cost Voice over IP (VoIP)
* Environmental and utility monitoring
* Security and surveillance applications

Opticomm provides a premium, reliable solution with a service goal of rebuilding a remote site from their Operations centre within minutes of sending out lower cost field service personnel to replace modules, in the event of a catastrophic failure. This solution depends on a robust secure and interoperable in-band and out-of-band remote management platform remotely operated by engineers at the Operations centre for normal remote configuration as well as dealing with small and more severe outages.

Opticomm partnered with Opengear because it provided a range of feature-rich products that allowed them to manage all the critical devices at Fiber Access Nodes (FAN), while also providing distributed monitoring and critical alarms over wired or wireless connections.

According to Phil Smith, General Manage of Opticomm “Opengear has enabled OptiComm to remotely manage it Fibre Access Nodes and points of interconnect across Australia including the network we deployed for the NBN in Tasmania. This is all controlled from our Network Operation Centres in Hobart and Perth”.

Opticomm chose Opengear’s ACM5000 Advanced Console Manager appliance range to manage all the critical devices at FAN sites. The 3G Cellular-enabled model (ACM5004-G) supports both wired and wireless in-band and out-of band connectivity with serial console, USB and external sensor connectivity. The cellular wireless capability gave Opticomm flexibility in the event of outages where a copper-based out-of-band connection is either not available or very restrictive. The ACM5004-G can be AC mains or DC operated. Critical Opticomm equipment managed at each site includes -

- Brocade Switches and Routers (secure console access and logging)
- Intelligent Power Distribution Units (power cycling of devices)
- GPON Fibre to the premises (FTP) Access Equipment (secure console access and logging)
- Transparent Digital Transmodulator (TDT) for TV/Video services (secure console access and logging)

In addition to providing secure access and logging, the Opengear solution was able to integrate with Opticomm’s network management system (NMS) “Centreon” based on the NAGIOS open source monitoring engine. The ACM5004-G provides critical alarms for the FAN equipment as well as temperature and physical security. As the appliance supports distributed NAGIOS checks which are executed in the device, the NMS receives qualified alarms directly, making the system much more scalable.

“Opengear has been a strong open source advocate since inception. Our integration of secure embedded Linux, distributed NAGIOS and other open source security and management tools has been a key differentiator. The result is a feature-rich and very cost-competitive infrastructure management solution deployed by large enterprises, SMEs and highly distributed sites, worldwide” said Bob Waldie CEO of Opengear.

Opengear’s ACM5000 range includes over 20 models with a range of serial port densities, single or dual Ethernet, single or dual USB, integrated Wi-Fi, V.92 analog modem, 3G Cellular, external sensors, digital I/O and AC or DC operation. The products start at $358 for a basic model and top out at $990. There is a model for almost any application and budget and all units include rock solid security (HTTSP, SSH, IPSec, OpenVPN).

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