Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
FieldForce Planning has released the latest version of its Territory and Route Planning system. The new system has the capacity to plan over 2000 runs for 500 merchandisers in under an hour.

"This is an exciting development for every one with a field sales or merchandising team," says FieldForce Planning's MD, Mark Boon. "The system takes a simple industry standard file containing the list of calls to be made by the field team, uploaded over the internet and returns maps, call plans and a data file which can be integrated with most CRM and hand held systems."

Already in use with many blue chip route and FMCG companies these latest developments drive down travel costs while improving customer service. "The results speak for themselves. One of our customer recently increased the number of calls made by 30% with only a 16% increase in travel."

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FieldForce Planning

FieldForce Planning is Australia's premier territory and route planning company. Delivering over 150,000 route plans a year. FieldForce Planning match expertise with unparalleled experience.
Mark Boon
P: 0394391563
W: www.fieldforceplanning.com


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