Monday, July 19th, 2010

Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. The S[M]B's philosophy is to help people, experiment, have fun, demonstrate and raise awareness about the topic to the South Australian community.

Andrew Andrews has joined the collective of the S[M]B’s as it gives him a forum to discuss the challenges our society is experiencing and will continue to experience with the phenomenon of the global virtual community enabled through Social Media. He is chairman of the Board of FreshFM who also founded an internet delivered outsourced payroll services business called Ezypayroll servicing the Small to Medium sized employers across Adelaide and Interstate. He contributes to his children’s school on their Marketing Advisory Committee with his specific interest as assisting development of Social Media policy.

Andrews says in his latest article, "When one reflects on the definition, the intrinsic relationship between Social Media and Community becomes all so clear. Over the span of many eons humans have evolved from their ape ancestors, but one of the constants that has remained through our evolution is the principal of Community. There are myriads of networks of people ranging from our schools, sporting clubs, charity associations, office social clubs, professional associations, peak industry bodies, commercial and community media (traditionally print, radio and TV), unions, and so on."

He goes on to say, "It is amazing that the World Wide Web is only 20 years old, and Social Media in its present form has existed for less than 10 years. As a community networking and communication platform, it’s not surprising to see how facebook has so rapidly become a global phenomenon."

That said, how to introduce business practices and policies into day to day business life is only just becoming a reality, as the risks are only just starting to surface now.

As Andrew says, "We are but only at the beginning of a very long and exciting journey with Social Media."

So, start today.

S[M]B founder, Charlie Robinson recently wrote, "I believe that social media (online) should be incorporated into the overall corporate social responsibility to ensure the community it works within remains healthy. I do think this is a serious community issue and one which is thread into the corporate social responsibility and our way of life. We have our kids to protect, our community and our workers.

Corporate social responsibility has been around for years. In its traditional sense it means to give back and to ensure that the community it works within remains healthy.

It's all about making our planet a better place to live.

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Social [Media] Butterflies, S[M]B's

Inspirations to help people, experiment, have fun, demonstrate and also raise awareness about Social Media in South Australia. The S[M]B members are a collective of expertise from areas such as corporate, business, government, recruitment/employment, youth, home, sales, legal, technology, marketing and public relations. Each are unique, individual, talented and socially networked.

Aside from general commentary in topical areas, the group can also provide:

* Expert Advice, Research and Commentary – Strategic & Tactical Plans
* Legal Advice
* Recruitment Advice
* Tools & Resources
* Training
Charlie Helen Robinson
P: 0424644624


Charlie Design’s motto of “Let’s Engage Socially” combined with a proactive involvement in the new social media and networking technologies ensures communication methods remain contemporary, fluid and proactive.

By using social media techniques we are able to provide valuable data and insights from community members and stakeholders with reporting back to management. Essentially we embed and become your “front line” communication management team, improving overall customer service.



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