Friday, July 16th, 2010

With well over two thousand waterfront homes and coastal real estate listings now on , Australia newest portal is really starting to take shape and the shape is quite attractive!

“Our aim was always to build a Coastal and Waterfront theme with the listings on www.watersidepropertysales,“ explains Manager of Portal and Information Andy Del Vecchio. “Maintaining that theme, is important for our niche and the listings play a major role, and partly that’s why we believe in free listings, it’s agents content and we are blessed to be able to repackage it.”

Sea-changers and the folk that just must live by the water, and you could say that is the vast majority of Australians, now have a place that will provide the places they are looking for without needing to sift through thousands of listings they don’t want to find the ones they do.

“I love looking at all the coastal real estate and waterfront listings on the site,” says Andy. “ I just wish, I could afford to buy one myself , but you know already , as we see more and more listings come online I can actually start to see where I can get a bargain within this Real Estate niche that I like the best.”

Unlike previous waterfront home portals that have come and gone, is not restricted by high advertising or registration costs for agents and then becoming just an exclusive residence site. It is free and open to all listings that go with their theme. With around 75% of Australians living in Coastal areas, it could be quite a big niche.

Saying that, Andy goes on, “We are already noticing a demand from agents, with exclusive waterfront, beachfront, river and marina properties, to have these listings stand out from the crowd. So, as well as the being able to upgrade listings within the portal, we have designed the site so an Advanced Search System will come into great effect as we get more listings online. In the near future, buyers will be able to narrow their searches down to find their ultimate waterfront home very quickly!”

Waterside is based in Tasmania, an Island in the Southern Ocean. Is it any wonder they had this idea?

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