Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Recognising that “Banks speak Spanish and Business speaks Portuguese (they sound the same but are totally different languages)”, a group of bankers have joined together to take away business owners' need to deal directly with their bank by introducing a new Bank Management Service.

Common business complaints about banks include “my manager keeps changing” and “the bank doesn’t understand my business”. The Pearl Bank Management Service offered by Pearl Financial Services allows businesses to essentially hire their own banker, providing them with an expert to cushion the business from the day to day frustrations of dealing with their bank.

Having sat on the other side of the table, Pearl’s bankers have a detailed understanding of the information that a bank needs, and the processes used to make decisions. Business owners gain this insight prior to any interaction, reducing the frustration and the time it takes to manage the bank relationship.

“Banks have a natural conflict of interest with their clients,” states Nathan Keating, General Manager of Pearl Financial Services. “A client can never feel totally at ease telling the whole story to their banker for fear that the bank will react badly and make life difficult. Having a banker on your team that you can use as a sounding board, and who can provide strategic input to make you a better banking customer over time, really works. Business owners and their Finance team are saving time, and getting better access to funding and improved risk margins over time by having a banker on the team.

“And when you bank manager changes for the third time in a year, your Pearl Banker goes in before you to warm up the new manager and ensure that continuity is maintained. You care less because you essentially have the same banker – he just doesn’t work for the bank.”

Banks like the service, too. They are gaining time savings from having bank communications from their clients that answer all the questions up front and have credit managers in mind when requesting support. Also the overall risk of Pearl clients reduces over time as the business has a clear view of the things they can do to reduce costs.

In the current environment, businesses need banks more than banks need new customers. Senate enquiries into banking competition have uncovered little insight into what can be done to help businesses. "In reality though, Banks will always lend to great businesses that make great banking customers," Mr Keating said. "Here is a service that can help businesses develop a clear path to achieving this."

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Pearl Financial Services Pty Ltd

Pearl Financial Services Pty Ltd is a commercial finance advisory firm that specialises in advising business on finance structuring and bank communication. Its team of highly experienced bankers use the same cutting edge analysis tools used by the banks and provide clients with valuable insight into how to perform and communicate that performance to enhance bank relationships and financial returns.

Pearl Financial Services welcomes media enquiries relating to Australian Business/Corporate Banking Issues.

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