Thursday, July 15th, 2010
Latest Family of Industry's Most Efficient WCDMA Power Amplifiers Deliver on Demanding Requirements of Today's Most Popular Wireless Standards

WARREN, NJ--(Marketwire) - ANADIGICS, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANAD) today introduced a series of new HELP4(tm) WCDMA single-band power amplifiers (PAs) -- the AWT66xx family -- designed for the industry's most popular 3G mobile devices running on the WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) standard. This HELP4(tm) WCDMA family includes the AWT6621, AWT6622, AWT6624, AWT6625 and AWT6628 PAs, each designed for specific wireless bands.

The fourth generation of HELP(tm) (High-Efficiency-at-Low-Power) PAs are ideal for a broad spectrum of mobile device applications as they delivers maximum efficiency at various power levels, including a 50-percent reduction in current consumption where mobile devices operate most frequently. They also enable up to 75-percent longer battery life, resulting in significantly longer talk time in handsets.

All the devices in the AWT66xx series are now ramping into volume production; complete evaluation kits are available upon request.

"Even with the emergence of 4G mobile technology today, we continue to see a tremendous opportunity in WCDMA as the 3G smartphone market continues to expand at an astounding pace," said Marcus Wise, Vice President, Wireless RF Products at ANADIGICS. "We have realized tremendous success in the global marketplace with our broad portfolio of 3G products that cover every major standard. We are also paving the way to 4G with a strong portfolio of our forthcoming LTE and WiMAX products. Our HELP4(tm) products deliver the efficiency, flexibility, performance and reliability our customers demand to differentiate and deliver the technologically advanced solutions that consumers expect from their mobile devices."

With the proliferation of technologies like HSPA+, which improves wireless network performance, the global 3G WCDMA market is expected to grow significantly in the future, with analysts anticipating a CAGR of about 15% among the subscriber base for WCDMA products over the next three years.

Key Product Facts and Highlights:
ANADIGICS first introduced its HELP(tm) products in 2004; they quickly became the preferred choice for CDMA and WCDMA designs due to the innovative technology that enables longer battery life and extended talk time.

Subsequent generations of HELP(tm) products have continued to raise the standard of performance for CDMA and WCDMA/HSPA, devices, firmly establishing ANADIGICS as the industry leader in PA performance and efficiency.

ANADIGICS worked with the industry's leading chipset manufacturers in the development of the HELP4(tm) WCDMA family to provide the highest level of flexibility, integration and ease-of-use to mobile handset designers.

The ANADIGICS AWT6621, AWT6622, AWT6624, AWT6625 and AWT6628 each include high-performance directional couplers in a 3 X 3 X 1 (mm) footprint.

Each device is HSPA and HSPA+ compliant for the highest data levels.

Each offers three mode states to achieve high power-added efficiencies at several power levels during the phone operation.

These products also enable low quiescent current and low leakage current in shutdown mode.

Specific Applications:

AWT6621: Band 1 (IMT) WCDMA/HSPA wireless devices; Band Class 6 CDMA/EVDO wireless devices

AWT6622: Band 2 (PCS) WCDMA/HSPA wireless devices; Band Class 1 (PCS) CDMA/EVDO wireless devices

AWT6624: Band 4 (along with Band 3 and Band 9) WCDMA/HSPA wireless devices; AWS/KPCS CDMA/EVDO wireless devices

AWT6625: Band 5 (Cell) WCDMA/HSPA wireless devices; Band Class 0 CDMA/EVDO wireless devices

AWT6628: Band 8 (EGSM) WCDMA/HSPA wireless devices

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