Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
It is not just Quit Smoking help-lines who have experienced a surge in activity since the Australian government announced a 25% increase in excise tax on tobacco products earlier this year. This tax increase coupled with aggressive legislation around the sale of traditional cigarettes has seen Australian smokers urgently seeking out viable alternatives to cigarettes.

The sale of Electronic Cigarettes is currently banned in Australia, as the product is treated as a medical device and cannot be sold as a registered medicine; however, E-cigarettes can still be purchased from overseas (online) for personal use.

CEO of one of the region’s leading Electronic Cigarette companies, Paul Medarov, argues:

"With the Government’s recent decision to introduce plain packaging, along with the significant planned investment in anti-smoking campaigns, there is ever-increasing demand for healthy alternatives to tradition tobacco products. E-cigarettes are a solution for nicotine addicts who are trying to quit traditional cigarettes and harmful tobacco products."

The 2010 University of Auckland Clinical Trial proved that E-Cigarettes containing nicotine "alleviated desire to smoke [...] and had a pharmacokinetic profile more like the Nicorette inhalator than a tobacco cigarette". The study indicates that the product is beneficial as a quit smoking device, and as an alternative nicotine product for users who don’t want to smoke traditional cigarettes.

Medarov comments: "Australia is world-leading when it comes to making bold legislative changes around the sale of traditional cigarettes, but it is falling behind when it comes to legalising healthy, effective alternatives.

"Patches and chewing gum just don’t cut it for many smokers desperately trying to quit. It’s like giving an alcoholic pure alcohol without the nice-tasting beverage which they are so used to drinking. Many smokers are addicted not just to the nicotine, but to the smoking habit. It’s very hard to go straight from traditional cigarettes to gum. What is needed is a viable alternative for smokers who are desperately trying to quit and are struggling with the crippling cost and consequence of their habit.

"We will continue to push for the availability of this alternative in Australia."

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