Sunday, July 11th, 2010
Back in the old days, the only purpose that quilts had in your home was to keep you warm. Now, people use quilts to decorate their homes as a way of expressing themselves. It's not uncommon to find them in every room of the house. You can find them draped over the arms of chairs or hanging as a centerpiece on a living room wall. Whether they are bought from a store or made from a distant relative, quilts seem to be very popular. Quilts come in many different sizes and styles. They can range from cheap to very expensive, depending on what type they are. It is less expensive to purchase a quilt in a store than it is to buy one that was hand made. If you're lucky, your grandmother made one and passed it down to you.

There are many different types of quilt fabric that can be used when making quilts. Cotton is the most popular although it is not the only one used. Polyester, corduroy, linen and broadcloth are also used. Some quilt fabrics require special attention when laundering due to shrinkage. Quilt fabric can be found in many different colors and have many different designs on them.

Depending on your taste in decor, there are many styles to choose from. Tacked quilts were most popular in the old days, since they were tacked together by pieces of thread to hold the sides together. This made it less time consuming and less expensive to make. Patchwork quilts were also very popular. It was easy to make patchwork quilts out of worn out clothes that were no longer wearable. The clothing was cut into squares and sewn together to make the quilt. Now, designs are more elaborate. You can choose from designs such as the Tumbling Block, Wedding Ring or Flower Bouquet.

In some traditional houses, you may find quilts that were made just for that house and family. You may find quilts that were made by painting handprints on different squares of the quilt for each family member. Some choose to decorate with a family tree quilt. This quilt is made with a tree sewn on it with apples to write family members names on. You may even find a quilt with pictures on it. Whether you want to stay warm or decorate your home, you can never have too many quilts in your home.


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