Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Muzaara, a SaaS model platform, enables small to medium size E-commerce businesses to quickly and easily create product ads through an automated process and create rules for both Facebook, Bing and Google ad campaigns that can be changed and modified with ease. The company offers ads that are highly targeted with an intelligent algorithm design and easy reporting all with an eye on the client's return on investment.

More and more businesses are turning to social media to advertise their products. According to Facebook, the site has nearly 1.6 billion active monthly users and more than 1 billion active daily users spending on average at least 20 minutes on the site each day. Facebook, Google and Bing are prime advertising spots. The time it takes though to create the individual product ads and the rules for the ad campaigns, set bids and spending limits, and then keep track of it all while making adjustments based on the reporting data is often beyond the time and expertise scope of many small businesses. As a result, campaign results can be less than desired.

Many e-commerce companies receive results that do not meet their expectations when placing ads on Facebook as they simply duplicate their Google Adwords ads for the Facebook platform. Muzaara has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide and found that Facebook ads that are executed properly in fact tend to provide a higher ROI than the search engines.

Using Muzaara simplifies the process and creates a more effective campaign. With the addition of carousel ads on Facebook, clients are finding that providing a range of products for the users to engage with increase their reach by 14% on average whilst maintaining their ROI levels. Their proprietary technology uses existing advertisers product data feeds to streamline the process of creating and loading digital ads. Google and Facebook ad campaigns will automatically adjust to show the ads that work best. The set-up process is easy and once the campaigns are live, Muzaara's intelligent algorithm monitors all incoming data to quickly learn what ads work best with the ads demographics. It uses that information to automatically optimize the ad placement, giving the business the lowest possible cost-to-action and the highest possible ROI.

"From advertisements and demographics to when and where your ad is shown, our smart-automation campaign management platform is constantly testing and improving to make sure your advertising dollars are being spent in the way that maximizes your return," says Neil Thomas of Muzaara. "Many companies can only achieve this by hiring a full-time pay per click expert but our algorithm automates the entire process, giving you optimized results without the human resource expense." 

In addition, Muzaara's user-friendly dashboard displays all campaign metrics at a glance to provide a real-time glimpse of the ads performance. The company offers a 14-day free trial backed by their client services team to ensure the account is set up and running to increase the reach and ROI from day one. To learn more and register for the free trial, visit




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Muzaara's intelligent marketing platform has been developed by industry experts who saw a need to offer small to medium size advertisers an advanced but simple to use platform to create and manage their online advertising. The company's founder has been working in the online advertising space for more than 10 years and has worked with thousands of ecommerce clients worldwide.

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