Friday, July 9th, 2010

An Adelaide recruiter is connecting with people from all over the world after being featured in the legendary recruitment industry blog "Six Degrees From Dave".

Via, the USA's Dave Mendoza has become a voice for recruiting sourcing specialists from around the world. Sought after as a speaker, Dave came to prominence after he started his blog, charting his efforts using LinkedIn and Web Search methods to find those elusive hard-to-find candidates. Rather than just enjoy a high income and keep the mystery up, Dave took the step of sharing his knowledge and methods with the world. He is now recognised as a leading evangelist of open networking. Dave was recognized as 2008 “Person of the Year” by and Recruiting Radioshow. The blog itself has won many awards and is often featured on industry must-read lists.

On the blog, Dave often features major US recruiters and the occasional international consultant, concentrating on people who are committed to thinking about and improving the recruitment industry.

Robert Godden, CEO of Essence Recruitment which is headquartered in Adelaide, met Dave three years ago at a conference and they have shared ideas and thoughts ever since.

Meeting Dave actually changed the way I thought about recruitment, particularity candidate sourcing. And I met him at a time when I felt a bit stale with the methods I was using, so the timing was quite fortuitous."

“He interviewed me a while back with this in mind but I'd almost forgotten about it until my phone started ringing madly a few days ago and I found that the interview had been published.”

Robert says the interview has not been without controversy.
“Of course, any time you give an opinion, there’s someone else with the opposite opinion, and some people in our industry don’t see criticism as a chance to grow, they’d rather shoot the messenger”

“What thrills me is that someone in Adelaide, with little more than access to the internet and a desire to do a good job can share their thoughts with the smart people in the industry. Many of the people who contacted me in the last few days are those I would describe as my Recruiting heroes, the stars of the industry and it is fantastic to enter into a dialogue with them.”

Robert is also a Forum Editor for's on-line job advice site and has regularly written about industry issues in Australian and overseas publications.

“It’s a time of great time and challenge for recruitment and if we don’t take the initiative and improve from the inside, we’ll go the way of door-to-door encyclopaedia salesmen – overtaken and outmoded.”

“The great thing is that the dialogue is happening and recruiters all around the world are taking an active interest in evolving what we do and finding better ways to do it.

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Essence Recruitment

Traditional recruitment is where you take a chance on the right candidate finding your advert. Traditional head-hunting is where you take a chance of your head-hunter having gone to school with someone who worked with someone who knows someone. If you're a bank or a big company, you're like a big ship - get the wrong person in one job and the ship will probably still go where it's supposed to - at least for now. But dynamic small and medium enterprises can't afford to take any of these chances.

essence finds people, and encourages them to find us. But not just anybody. We look for the best and brightest executives. The guns. The people who've prospered at the sharp end. They're not willing to wait for the guy with old school tie to retire or die; they've been radiating success from very early on and they want to step it up.

How? With a no-nonsense approach using everything that works and nothing that doesn't. If we place an ad, it's well crafted. When we network, it's with the right people. And when we search the market, we use the best of technology and gifted researchers. If you want just anybody, use any recruiter.
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