Saturday, March 12th, 2016

More than 300 Ahmadi Muslim men and women are taking part in this year’s calling appeal


Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Australia aims to collect AUD 40,000 for ‘Red Cross Calling Appeal’ in the month of March. The Association has set up 40 collection points all over Australia and more than 300 Ahmadi Muslim volunteers are taking part in the collection activity. The collection points include railway stations, shopping centres, airports, CBD areas and designated traffic signals.  Following are the numbers of ‘Collection Points’ (CPs) in each state:


NSW: 12 - CPs VIC:  15 - CPs SA: 4 - CPs
QLD:  3 – CPs ACT: 2 – CPs NT: 1- CPs
WA:  5 CPs TAS:  1 – CPs  


National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Australia, Mr. I. H. Kauser said,  


“Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia regularly takes part in Red Cross door knock appeals and by going door to door and meeting people of all faiths and of no faith for the sake of serving humanity is exactly what our religion Islam teaches us to do. Islam teaches us to be part of every good in the society regardless of race, religion and creed. We, with our limited resources, will always be extending our helping hand to all those in need and serving humanity. We encourage our youth to be involved in humanitarian initiatives to make them good, law abiding and God fearing citizens of the nation..”


Imam Kauser also urged all Muslims living in Australia to help Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations.


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