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Surveillance over the arrangement of hardware, software, network resources, and services that are required for various operations in an enterprise is referred to as IT infrastructure monitoring. IT infrastructure monitoring is carried out to safeguard systems, applications, services, and business processes. Due to the rising cybercrimes and data thefts in the industry, the companies have faced loss of substantial sensitive data. Thus, monitoring has become a priority for organizations across the globe. IT infrastructure monitoring supports organizations to keep a thorough watch over its IT framework, ensuring a healthy and secured system. It also alerts IT department about the issues and suggestions to resolve them in time, reducing projected errors.


Monitoring services are generally outsourced to vendors, for which they charge buyer with regards to the type of service they provide. Monitoring is carried out by tracing system logs, configurations and service types. Monitoring logs is a common form of security measure which tracks user activity over system or network. Configuration monitoring keeps records of what security prevention mechanism is supposed to do and ensures that preventive syntax is followed by system. Further, the services monitoring is designed to test the access control mechanism whether it refuses the unauthorized access in the system.


Outsourcing monitoring services to third party vendors is a common trend in this industry. The outsourcing of maintenance and monitoring of IT framework allows organization to concentrate on the fundamental competencies, which ultimately benefits them in terms of customer satisfaction, enhanced productivity, reduced cost, and improvement in quality of IT services.


Increasing awareness related to cybercrimes and importance of safeguarding the sensitive data are key factors which are driving the IT infrastructure monitoring market. Furthermore, around the clock convenience and drop in operating cost for an organization are few other reasons boosting market growth for IT infrastructure monitoring. In addition to this, the rapid technological evolutions are enforcing organizations to make sure that they are providing cutting-edge services to their customers ensuring their satisfaction. This is another important factor driving the IT infrastructure monitoring market.


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IT infrastructure is complex in most of the organizations and managing this infrastructure is a challenging task. Small organizations often consider that monitoring is meant for the bigger organizations where the framework is substantial and difficult to manage. However, monitoring assist both smaller and bigger organizations. Moreover, the cost of deployment of monitoring framework is high which is restraining the market growth.


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There are two basic types of IT monitoring including passive IT infrastructure monitoring and active IT infrastructure monitoring. In passive monitoring, in case of system failure the monitoring system will inform via e-mail or through SMS about the type problem which can be further assisted depending upon the nature of problem. Active IT infrastructure monitoring refers to the standard form monitoring wherein high security service network is used to connect permanently to the monitored framework.


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Key IT infrastructure monitoring vendors include CA Technologies, Nagios Enterprises, LLC, Zabbix, SevOne, Inc., ScienceLogic, Spiceworks Inc., Stackify, ITRS GROUP LTD, and Datadog.

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