Thursday, July 8th, 2010

While voters remain unconvinced by interventionist government policies to address environmental issues, private industry may have a worthy alternative.

A new online market, called, aims to prevent a large percentage of global industrial and commercial waste from reaching landfill by matching businesses that produce waste with buyers that can use that waste as an industrial input. The recently launched website lets waste producers advertise their waste products to other businesses that may find the “waste” useful to their own production. Buyers can drastically reduce their direct procurement costs by purchasing ‘waste’ as an input to their production system. Essentially, is an industrial trash and treasure, where free market is used to promote responsible waste management, indeed making it profitable.

In order to maximize the audience for, membership to become a buyer is free. Buyers must privately disclose their name, contact details, company, industry and intended use to protect sellers from malicious use of their details or misuse of the waste products being sold.

The new project at, while being quite unique in the world, is refreshingly simple in contrast to many other environmental schemes being devised. “With positive commercial focus, has developed an environment in which new vertical links in the supply chain can be established,” explains Simon Miller, creator of the Wastivity project. “ presents the opportunity for businesses to not only reduce total system waste-to-input ratio, but also to realize financial value for waste (internalization) through the establishment of a marketplace.”

With a significant proportion of consumers indicating that they expect businesses to do more to be environmentally responsible corporate citizens, those participating in the marketplace can be recognised as reducing its impact on the environment, while simultaneously reducing the cost of waste management obligations. Converting waste into an asset while recycling that waste through profitable business partnerships is a win for business, a win for consumers and a win for the environment in a positive move towards sustainable business.

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Wastivity Pty Ltd

Wastivity acts as an online marketplace where producers with no further use for perceived ‘waste’ are able to locate buyers who view the waste as an asset and can further utilize it as a production input or treat the waste and re-distribute as another product.

By using supply chain partnerships, business can reduce their environmental impact.

Wastivity creates a new vertical link in the supply chain, presenting an opportunity for businesses to not only reduce total system waste-to-input ratio, but also realize financial value for waste (internalization) through the establishment of a marketplace.
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