Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

JustWeb*, a Sydney based search engine optimisation and website design business, believes that understanding who your online customers are, where they come from, and why they come to your site is the key to successful online marketing and search engine optimisation.

JustWeb* constantly monitors traffic to its website. Every half year and yearly period, the business releases its statistical information to the public on its website,, and has just released the 2010 first half report.

"This sort of information is only useful if a website has a reasonably high and varied traffic flow," says proprietor Rob Arn. "Because the online traffic for JustWeb* comes from 133,000 unique visitors originating from many different countries and ISPs, we believe this gives us an insight into current trends, and can compare current traffic trends to previously published traffic reports."

For example, Internet Explorer usage has dropped somewhat in the first half of this year (2010), compared with the previous 12 monthly period.

It has lost some of this ground to Firefox, but a lot of the drop is due to Google Chrome, which has managed to double the number of users it had in 2009 in the first half of this year alone. Also, as mobile Internet browsing becomes more popular, Internet Explorer usage will continue to drop.

"Thankfully, the use of IE6 is dropping as well, albeit more slowly than some developers would like," Rob said.

The same reasons, as well as a small increase in Macintosh usage, can be given for the (slight) drop in the number of people using Windows operating systems. The OS players remain much the same, with the usage figures simply moving around. The next traffic report (2010 full report) will no doubt show a marked increase in iPad usage.

Interestingly, Windows XP still appears to remain the most popular version of Windows (60.63%), followed a distant second by Vista (23.46%), and finally Windows 7 (13.81%). Windows XP, Vista and 7 make up almost 98% of all Windows usage.

"I believe everyone using XP should seriously investigate replacing it with Windows 7. It is as reliable, if not more so than XP, but faster with a lot more features. Also, it should go without saying that Vista should be replaced with Windows 7 as it is the most unreliable operating system I have ever used," said Rob.

So far this year, according to the JustWeb* stats report, there are 693 different screen resolutions being used, with the top 5 being 1024x768 (20.51%), 1280x800 (18.73%), 1280x1024 (14.57%), 1680x1050 (8.74%) and 1680x1050 (8.52%).

Accessibility is an important factor, and as such the use of validated, tableless code in website construction should be more widespread.

Telstra, or rather BigPond, still dominates the ISP stakes in Australia, followed a fair way down by Optus, who are in turn followed quite closely by iiNet and TPG.

Of course, no guesses as to which search engine is the most popular - Google of course. That fact is unlikely to change for a long time (if at all), even once Bing and Yahoo combine their search offerings.

For the complete report, please visit

*JustWeb is a registered trademark in Australia (#1246825)

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