Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
A revolutionary, locally designed, water saving innovation, the H20 Organiser, has recently launched in Australia. This compact, clever device has many uses and far-reaching environmental and cost-saving implications, with the potential to save households and commercial premises up to 180 million litres of water a year, nationwide.

Every year, Australians lose huge amounts of water due to burst water pipes/vales and faulty equipment - hence the H20 Organiser, which has been 14 years in the making, represents a unique opportunity for interested parties to get in at the ground level and be part of the company’s growth, as it expands its production and sales processes to distribute what is being considered a first for Australia and potentially the world. Further, due its initial success in local markets, significant interest has already been expressed in the H20 Organiser from overseas customers and distributors, and recent distribution MOU’s have been signed for Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and Indonesia.

The H20 Organiser presents an easy, convenient and cost effective solution to the ongoing problem of water wastage. This intelligent device monitors the flow of electricity, rather than the flow of water to a pump – enabling the H20 to intuitively sense when a pump is running unnecessarily and avoid what can potentially be disastrous losses of water (sometimes up to tens of thousands of litres).

H20 Organiser Co-Director, Robert Porter-Coote said that the H20 Organiser was yet another example of necessity being the mother of invention, “I was the owner of a piggery during the drought, and I was constantly being faced with flooding, at a time when I could ill afford it. Often I’d have burst pipes during the night, caused by the livestock”.

This resulted in Mr. Porter-Coote having to turn off his pipes each and every night to avoid any water wastage, a necessary inconvenience. However, when he spoke with other farmers, he found the problem wasn’t unique to his estate.

“Everyone I spoke to said it was impossible to measure the electricity flow. Pressure controls worked once all the water had been pumped out, which didn’t help. If you could measure electricity flow instead, you’d be able to stop the water after a certain period of time and not have it running out all night.”

The H20 Organiser solves this problem by monitoring the operational time of your water and stopping the pump should it pump for longer than a specified period of time, saving up to tens of thousands of litres of water in the cases of burst pipes or leaking valves.

The reality of the kind of water loss at stake from faulty or broken water conduits is considerable, with Mr. Porter-Coote detailing the full extent of the problem, “The smallest pump can empty 10,000 litres in 3 hours. However, the H20 Organiser recognizes that the system has been running for more than say 15 minutes and automatically switches off, so you only lose about 1,000 litres in 15 minutes. You can predetermine your average time and then set the H2O”.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, safe, robust and durable, the H20 Organiser is adaptable to all applications - domestic, commercial or rural - with added flexibility features, “15 minutes is the default on the cut-off timer, but settings can be changed to suit individual needs,” says Mr. Porter-Coote.

When it comes to diverse needs, the H20 Organiser has everyone covered from schools (who have massive water wastage out of school hours), and householders. “Aussie householders can benefit from the H20 Organiser too”, says Mr. Porter-Coote. “It can even save a lake from forming under a house, if a toilet’s water pipes burst and overflow”. Originally devised for use by people who store water, such as in dams and tanks, the H20 Organiser can be retrofitted to any pump or water system, offering broad water saving applications in residential, rural, industrial and commercial settings.

The H2O Organiser is currently working with Alchemy Equities, a member of the Australian Small Scale Offerings board, and specialist in equity capital raisings for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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