Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Adelaide, Australia – StaminaLift International Ltd today announced listing on the Australian Small Scale Offer Board (ASSOB), to fund international expansion and address the $918 million (AUD) global hospital manual handling market. The healthcare sector has one of the highest rates of manual handing injuries – with staff struggling to move patients, beds, linen trolleys and other heavy loads.

When bed and other loads are pushed manually, injury costs alone can be $80,000 to $100,000 annually for a large hospital. This is only the tip of the ice-berg. In addition to harm, staffing disruptions and low morale, there is also the loss of productivity when a nurse is required to help push a bed. With nurses in short supply, hospitals are looking for ways to avoid diverting nurses from patient care.

“We wouldn’t move a bed without one now” says Richard Degenhardt, orderly at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Since 2005, when the StaminaLift bed mover became the standard way of moving beds, the hospital has recorded no bed moving related injuries, a 100% injury reduction, and over five years, a potential or estimated $500,000 saving in staff injury costs.  

Designed to prevent manual handling injuries and increase efficiency, the battery-powered StaminaLift range includes; a bed mover, wheelchair mover and a trolley mover. The bed mover easily locks onto hospital beds or trolleys, creating a secure connection for control of heavy loads. Using the joystick control, driving and manoeuvring require only the light pressure of one finger. No physical effort is required. Where two people used to struggle to move a hospital bed, only one person is now needed - saving labour, returning nurses to patient care and eliminating a major source of workplace injury.

According to users like Dawn Molineux, Facility Services Manager with ISS Australia, injury reduction is only part of the story. Using StaminaLift bed and trolley movers, Molineux’s workgroup not only eliminated bed moving injuries, but also improved throughput (the speed of bed moving) by 40%.

“The market potential is huge. Most hospitals today have lifting devices to help staff to safely lift patients; however, few have devices to help staff move patients in beds. As hospitals get larger and the number of single rooms increases, devices like the StaminaLift bed mover that offer safe movement even in small spaces, will soon be seen as essential” says StaminaLift founder Peter March.

Newly appointed StaminaLift CEO, Reynold David explains, “when savings in nursing time and injury costs as well as purchase and maintenance costs are considered, a single StaminaLift bed mover provides return on investment in well under one year. And for healthcare services with medium to high nursing costs, the return is likely closer to six months.”

The StaminaLift investment offer went live on the ASSOB Primary Board on June 24, making it available to over 14,000 registered investors.

For more information visit To access investment information you will need to subscribe to ASSOB. Subscription is free and privacy is assured.


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StaminaLift International Ltd

StaminaLift develops and manufactures a range of healthcare manual handling devices that increase efficiency and reduce staff injuries while moving beds, wheelchairs, linen trolleys and other heavy loads. The StaminaLift range of movers is battery powered, compact, easy to clean and provide hands-free attachment. By locking onto the bed chassis, the StaminaLift Bed Mover creates a secure connection for full control of heavy loads. Effortless manoeuvrability is provided by a joystick control and sophisticated dual drive motors.

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