Monday, July 5th, 2010
The Australian wine industry will have its first opportunity to learn about organic wine production this week at the industry’s major triennial event, WineTech in Adelaide.

Organic representative group Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) will join biological farm input manufacturers to highlight the quality potential of organic wines.

BFA General Manager Holly Vyner says that contrary to popular belief of several years ago, Australian organic and biodynamic wines are proving they can surpass the quality of their conventionally produced counterparts.

“The stand will showcase an impressive and rapidly increasing number of Australian award-winning organic and biodynamic bottles and catalogue of a sample 100 awards won by quality organic winegrowers over the past year.

“Assisting with this recognition are some highly acclaimed wine critics including Max Allen, who has a website dedicated to educating consumers about the environmental benefits and quality potential of biodynamic wines.â€

Research has also shown that over the past two years consumers have become more willing to pay a premium for environmentally-friendly and organic wines.

A 2009 study by Dr Herve Remaud and Dr Simone Mueller of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science found that wine consumers are placing higher importance on sustainability and health, and becoming more ‘eco-friendly’ when purchasing wine.

“Clearly there is room for further growth of the segment valuing the organic claim, as well as opportunities for the eco-friendly segment to start valuing organic wines (in addition to the environmental claim),†Dr Remaud said.

“On a global scale, sustainability will be a ‘hot button’ in wine consumption for the next few years [and] I believe that Australia will follow this same trend in the coming years.â€

WineTech begins on Monday, 5 July 2010. Organic information on-hand at the event includes vineyard management, organic certification, award-winning wines, market information and organic magazines and resources. Organic Crop Protectants will be alongside BFA providing information on pest and disease solutions registered suitable for use in certified organic operations. Seasol, a BFA-registered seaweed fertiliser producer popular for use in vineyards will also have a prominent stand at the event.

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2009 Remaud, Dr Herve & Mueller, Dr Simone, Are Australian wine consumers becoming more environmentally conscious? Robustness of latent preference segments over time, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science


Desta Itote, PR Officer, BFA; ph. 07 3350 5716 ext 232; email [email protected]
Holly Vyner, General Manager, BFA; ph 0431 623 809; email [email protected]

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The 2010 Australian Organic Market Report (AOMR 2010)
The AOMR is confirmed as a biennial project, commissioned to University of New England by BFA, with support from Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL). The second edition will be released on August 20 at the 2010 Organic Expo at Darling Harbour, Sydney. The highly anticipated report by media and industry alike will assist and influence future planning and investment in the sector over the next two years. For more information contact the BFA office:
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Desta Itote, PR Officer, BFA
P: 07 3350 5716 ext 232


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