Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

A Systematic Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund designed to deliver attractive returns, excellent liquidity, and low correlation with the major asset classes.

Sydney, Australia – The Zen Capital Management Global Fund SP rose 5.83% in February, outperforming the HFRX index by 6.95%. Over the last three months the fund has returned 4.77% vs the HFRX index which has fallen 6.61%, an outperformance of 11.4%. In February the fund delivered its returns with very attractive performance metrics, namely: a Sharpe Ratio of 3.51 and a Sortino Ratio of 7.55.

Managing Director Gregory Carroll said “In January we made some changes to our investment universe and approach. We are now predominantly focusing on Stocks instead of Futures and Currencies. Our revised strategy is similar that that used by the Portfolio Manager for much of the decade prior to Zen’s launch”.

Despite closing with a subdued 0.41% fall for the month, the S&P500 traversed a sharp 5.7% fall in the first half of the month followed by a 5.6% rally. Unusually, equity indices followed Oil’s sharp decline (-17%) in the first half of the month and sharp rally (+13%) in the latter half. Despite the rally, sentiment remains fragile, with investors continuing to worry about the uncertain outlook for global economic growth, commodity price volatility and central bank policies.

Mr Carroll said “We continue to see strong parallels between the current market conditions and those experienced in 2008. After sharp declines during the first two months of 2008, equity indices enjoyed a 10% rally from March to May before resuming their downtrend. Prices eventually bottomed 52% lower in March 2009. As at the time of writing, the S&P500 has rallied 7.8% off its February 2016 low”.

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Zen Capital Management

Zen Capital Management was formed in 2012 with the sole purpose of providing Investment Advisory services to the Zen Capital Management Global Fund SP. The company employs a proprietary investment process which is driven by a rigorous quantitative model, macro-economics, and over decade of experience in financial markets. Zen’s strategy is highly scalable since it only trades highly liquid securities consisting predominantly of US-listed stocks. The fund is Cayman-domiciled and is currently available to wholesale investors who are non-US taxpayers. The fund is administered by Apex Fund Services and all trading is through Interactive Brokers LLC. The fund commenced trading on 1 October 2012.


Systematic, Long/Short Equity, Hedge Fund.


Gregory Carroll
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Systematic, Long/Short Equity, Hedge Fund



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