Monday, September 27th, 2010

As everyone knows when girlfriends get together, they have many long discussions about what is going on in their lives.

"Due to the life stage of myself and many of my friends our talks often turn to the subject of disturbed sleep due to night sweats associated with menopause, diabetes, chemotherapy treatment or other medically related issues," says Linda Wood of Sleep Secrets. "We often joke about waking up wet and clammy and needing to change sleepwear during the night. One friend laughed and said 'I have three piles of clothes next to the bed and don't even need to turn on the light; I just reach over and get changed'.

"I realised there was a gap in the market for stylish, comfortable, high quality sleepwear with a practical purpose that would give some relief to women experiencing night sweats - real women, going through an uncomfortable yet still normal part of life. We are healthy, active, independent women who have a sense of style and more importantly, a sense of ourselves.  We deserve clothes that fit our lifestyles and our bodies - clothes that make us look and feel fabulous"

Ms Wood says she was motivated to look around for an answer and read a lot about bamboo fabric.

"I was intrigued, how could that scratchy plant produce fabric, but it does and when I felt bamboo fabric for the first time, I loved the soft, silky feel. I found out that bamboo fabric has excellent wicking properties, drawing moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric and evaporating quickly keeping you dry, cool and comfortable, thereby promoting a good night's sleep. Bamboo clothing is also especially good for sensitive skin and allergy prone skin."

Bamboo fabric is light to the touch, drapes beautifully and gives you the luxurious look and feel of silk or cashmere and the styling of our sleepwear garments has a high fashion image, making our garments ideal for any woman of any age.  "My daughter says 'I just love the cami and tap pants, they are really fun and flirty'.

"As a woman in my 50s I found it hard to find sleepwear that wasn't too skimpy, or too matronly, so I have designed each piece with a woman's changing body shape in mind."

The Classic Collection is the launch collection and was inspired by the glamorous look and feel of old time Hollywood movie stars with a touch of classic Chanel colour contrasting.

The Classic Collection consists of "Till Noon" Pyjama Sets, fabulous classic short sleeve pyjama top with a cuffed sleeve and a matching belt to give you a pulled together look when you want to lounge "Till Noon", the matcing pyjama pant has a relaxed fit and also has cuff detail.  "To the Opera" nightgown, has contrast piping and a lace trim neckline, you're sure to feel as great as you look, "Let's get Tapping" tap pants, longer line shorts with a soft, flouncy design, they are fun and flirty, "To the Boudoir" Camisole top, featuring gorgeous lace detailing, this top is as flattering as it is feminine, "Out on the Patio" robe with beautifully draped and ruffled sleeve and collar detail is perfect for relaxing in cool, stylish, comfort, dance through your day in ‘Cosmopolitan' slippers, slip them on and off with ease as you relax and get ready for an evening in. The cosy bamboo fabric will certainly make you feel pampered.

If Sleep Secrets has a feeling then it is - evening, the glamorous hours, the time for celebrating life, glowing candle light, a glass of wine, kick back, be waited on.

For your unique shopping pleasure the launch collection is now available at Sleep Secrets


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Sleep Secrets

Sleep Secrets is 100% Australian owned and designed. Our company is dedicated to the design and production of beautiful eco-friendly sleepwear that celebrates femininity.

Sleep Secrets is a glamorous, luxurious range of sleepwear lovingly designed for the young at heart woman.

We bring to you eco friendly bamboo sleepwear, designed to meet the fit and fashion needs of today's woman and allow discerning customers to make eco-friendly choices without sacrificing style or quality.

Linda Wood
P: 0418614564


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