Friday, June 25th, 2010

IAB award finalist e-channel search [] hosted a seminar at the Hilton Sydney on Tuesday 22nd of June. Attendees from Google, Yahoo and some of Australia’s largest retailers were there to listen to guest speaker Dr Carl Driesener of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute [] speak about the importance of Light buyers and the need to focus on reaching new customers.

Dr Driesener said "Most buyers in a category have a repertoire of brands they buy from, so reminding them that they buy your brand (or could buy your brand) and telling them what you have are important tasks for the marketer. The reality is that most brand buyers are light buyers, (who typically account for about 50% of sales, not the oft-quoted 20%), so making it easy for them to buy is vital."

Caroline Rowe another guest speaker from the University of South Australia and also co-creator of the 7 Elements of Search Engine Marketing methodology stated "Brands grow by creating broader physical availability and relevant mental availability, Search Engine Marketing is the perfect tool to achieve this in today’s market place."

Frank Grasso e-channel boss was thrilled with the event, Frank has been working for over a decade building search engine marketing technology and methodology specifically for the needs of online retailers, travel and classified websites.

Frank said, "Our partnership with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and the University of South Australia has been an integral part of our business and the success we bring to our clients campaigns. Using the principle of the 7 Elements of Search, How Brands Grow and DynamicCreative™, we have been able to help our clients gain greater market share and decrease their cost per sale by more than 200%."

Frank Grasso will be speaking at the up and coming Online Retailer event this July in Sydney, he will be speaking about ‘The Science of Keyword Management’ and will be moderating a roundtable discussion at the event on the ‘Secrets of Strategic Search Campaigns’.

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