Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

iSocket Systems announced their Australian version of the new smart plug for power failure monitoring that operates over Telstra and Optus 3G networks today. This cellular device will also support temperature monitoring for fish tanks and other applications.

The company recently announced iSocket 3G for USA – a power outage device that operates regardless of Wi-Fi and sends an alert directly to the mobile phone when the power fails. Such prompt notifications could help to take immediate steps to fix the problem – for example, call the maintenance company to start a generator.

This short demo video shows how it works:

“We’ve been on the Australian market with our GSM product for a while and we have found that the most popular applications among our customers are shore power loss monitoring, power supply monitoring to fish tanks and fridges, as well as monitoring their temperature.” – said Denis Sokol, CEO of iSocket Systems.

The Australian version of iSocket 3G will support temperature monitoring from -55C to +125C with help of a new external water-proof temperature sensor that is suitable to use for fish tanks in salt water.

The company does not plan to charge for the service now and will be selling the product on the basis of a one-time payment allowing customers to buy connectivity directly from Telstra, Optus or their resellers. The list price for the product is AU$289.

We understand that price might look on the high side, but since we allow customers to choose their own operator and do not charge them for service we believe this is reasonable. For example, with Truphone SIMs, when a customer pays only $0.09 per message, the cost of ownership is close to zero.” – said Denis Sokol.

About future plans Denis Sokol explained that this product is a part of their new CECO HOME ecosystem, which allows enterprises to build their own power monitoring services, based on the products of iSocket Systems. The company is also developing a global service monitoring solution to help customers with several locations to monitor power failure efficiently. This solution will be announced in London at the IoT Connect Show 15-16 March 2016 (#WTS2016).

iSocket 3G AU is now available for customers from

iSocket® is a registered Trademark in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and The European Union.


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