Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Leading Australian image consultant Jon-Michail says Julia Gillard has worked behind the scenes to polish her image and project a positive personal brand that has helped her win the ballot.  Michail, who has coached politicians, business leaders, sports icons and celebrities, says, “This is Julia’s opportunity to cement her own personal brand and style... and express who she truly is.”

"With Julia Gillard stepping into the role of Prime Minister, we can expect her every move to be scrutinised," said Jon-Michail, who predicts that as the first female Prime Minister of Australia she will be judged on her visual image, more so by women, and will have to be on guard with her personal presentation to a greater extent than any male would.

Image is all that one projects consciously and unconsciously that provides others with an impression of them, that will either work for or against. In Gillard’s case the image she has projected has been a conscious one that has worked for her.

Jon-Michail says, “Julia’s image has evolved and she has embarked on a concerted campaign of image transformation whilst in opposition, and has subtly accelerated her strategy as Deputy Prime Minister.”

Jon-Michail, CEO of Image Group International, explains that from a visual and external perspective, Gillard started with improving her hair style, grooming and clothing. From an internal perspective, she has improved her verbal communication style and her relationship building and rapport and has generally become more savvy.

“There is no mistake that the day of her becoming Prime Minister would come, it has just come sooner rather than later.  There is no doubt that Julia Gillard will face some challenges as a Prime Minister that differ from that of a male. 

"Julia will be judged on her visual image instantly, especially by women. She will have to be on guard with her personal presentation more so than any male would,” warns Jon-Michail.

“Julia will also have to watch her communication style and communicate in an assertive manner as opposed to an aggressive or passive aggressive manner that a bloke may at times get away with.”

From an image, style and poise point of view there will most certainly be numerous expectations from Julia Gillard. Jon-Michail says that Julia will be expected to look international and statesmanlike in order to give her more stature and prominence.

On a very positive note, Jon-Michail points out that as a female Julia has a more creative license to wear what she wants than a man would. “This is Julia’s opportunity to cement her own personal brand and style with her unique colouring and tone, and express who she truly is.”

This may include the correct power and influence suits with coordinated blouses and accessories in context, and appropriate dresses and after 5pm outfits that historically have not been her strongest traits.

Jon-Michail explains that with regards to what’s expected of her in the context of poise, she has to start presenting her own womanhood more because womanhood means being feminine and owning your femininity.

“This is an opportunity for her to be a positive example for all women in Australia.

“The bottom line is that Julia Gillard has to own her brand and be courageous by leading Australia in the challenging times ahead,” concludes Jon-Michail. She has the opportunity to make her position count and add value to our country on the world map as well as be a positive example for all Australians.

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Image Group International is Australia’s leading personal brand image advisory and coaching organisation. Image Group International supports individuals and organisations to build and monetise their personal and corporate brand in order to maximise their business, career and personal success.

Jon-Michail is the CEO and founder of Image Group International. He is regarded as Australia’s leading image consultant and coach. Previously an award winning designer with Christian Dior, he has pioneered the concept of holistic image management and has coached over 5000 one-on-one clients and tens of thousands in his seminars worldwide.

Jon-Michail, a bestselling author of the book “Life Branding”, is also a past winner and the only Australian to have won the prestigious International Image-Maker of the Year Award in the USA and is a winner of the Hong Kong Bank Business Award, along with many other business and marketing achievements.
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