Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Scientific Games Products Gets Real with Opaltone VK Inkjet Proofing system!

Sydney Australia: SGP have been printing using the Opaltone method for quite a few years now, they are no stranger to the financial benefits in time and material savings associated with the Opaltone expanded colour gamut printing. Also the environmental sustainability associated with the reduction of ink waste through eliminating the use of mix-in-the-can spot colour inks.

But now, they have installed the new Opaltone VK RIP inkjet proofing system to replace the previous high end high cost proofing system in favour of the low cost inkjet proofing system from Opaltone.

Thana Muhunthan – Operations Manager said, "We knew the Dupont Waterproof system was coming to an end, after thoroughly checking what was available we rejected the possibility of an inkjet system satisfying the strict colour demands of our customers, the only choice appeared to be a high end system like the Kodak Approval, then along came the Opaltone VK RIP inkjet proofing system. We could not believe it possible to get the same colour results and press profiling that we previously used enjoyed. Now we output a contract quality proof in 10 minutes compared to 2 hours with the previous system.
We are not only saving a lot of money on the upfront purchase but also a significant saving on the per proof cost."

Opaltone representative Steve Holman said, "The VK RIP proofing software is so simple to use, no need for a degree in rocket science with this system, we supply the full 100% pigmented Opaltone gamut ink set plus the high quality premium proofing film and paper, all at very competitive inkjet market prices, and it should also be realised that the VK RIP proofing system is not only for use with Opaltone files, the VK RIP can recognise any CMYK + spot colour file and accurately proof it."

Anyone interested in evaluating the potential savings for their printing operation should contact Opaltone Australasia via the web site ‘www.opaltone.com’ for further information.

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Opaltone Australasia is the supplier of an expanded colour gamut printing system for printing which brings together the 2 color systmes of CMY and RGB resulting in amazing print reproduction of color images
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