Friday, April 1st, 2016

Crowd Carnivore, an AgTech startup developed by two seachange innovators, puts sustainable meat eating in the spotlight. It works by crowdfunding the whole animal which is purchased directly from the producer, butchered and split evenly between 12 buyers, then delivered to your door.

The platform boasts huge ethical and economical benefits to both farmer and consumer. By utilising the whole animal, farmers aren't left with so-called unfashionable cuts after the prime steaks have been purchased. "We're minimising food waste and putting more back in the farmer's pocket, educating the consumer on the economical and nutritional benefits, as well as the enhanced flavour from cuts of meat you may not always see in the big two supermarkets", says co-founder, Zachary Sequoia.

"When we finally manage to breed the elusive T-bone cow, we'll let you know!" says fellow entrepreneur, Dan Tarasenko. "But for now, crowdfunding the whole animal is most definitely the answer."

More and more, consumers want to know where their food comes from. City dwellers want a connection to their food, but face logistical challenges sourcing, transporting and storing bulk purchases of meat. Farmers are seeing the benefits to marketing directly to consumers, but it's simply not their area of expertise, not to mention time spent away from the farm. Crowd Carnivore overcomes all of these challenges by solving transportation and connecting farmers with consumers who genuinely appreciate the work they do. "By cutting out the middlemen, from the saleyard, the agent, supply contracts heavily swayed in favour of the big two supermarkets, the butcher and the retailer, the farmers get the best possible price for their hard work, and consumers do, too."

The money from each successful campaign goes straight into the farmer's pocket, with the pair only taking a small marketing fee.

Farmers are already lining up to be featured on the crowdfunding platform, which has so far launched in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra and parts of the Far South Coast, with plans to expand into Melbourne next.

The technology can also be used by producer groups and industry stakeholders to facilitate crowdfunded transactions in their own markets. "We've already entered discussions with a number of producer groups keen to utilise the software using their own branding", Mr Tarasenko said. "It's fantastic to see farmers with an avenue to sell their beef to their local community, in a volume that is manageable for the individual consumer and without waste for the farmer."

“We’ve built the core of the software to be non-product specific and ultimately we can sell anything using this methodology,” Mr Sequoia said. After they've taste tested their way through Australia's best beef, the pair will roll out their software to everything they enjoy and beyond. Next on the list? Wine!



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Crowd Carnivore

We Believe:

  • That good food should be shared
  • That you should get to know your farmer
  • That grass fed beef is better beef. 

Nose to tail paddock to plate eating by purchasing crowdfunded grass fed and grass finished beef direct from the producer, delivered to your door. 

Dan Tarasenko and Zachary Sequoia
M: 0411091916


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