Monday, February 29th, 2016

Sponsorship of the AFL pre-season’s rounds is delivering real benefits to NAB, with customers who watch the NAB Challenge more likely to be satisfied with the bank—and the more they watch, the more satisfied they get, Roy Morgan Research shows.

Among all NAB account-holders, 80.2% were very or fairly satisfied with the bank during the six months to December 2015, as previously reported from Roy Morgan’s latest Consumer Banking Satisfaction report.

But satisfaction is 2% points higher among those who ‘occasionally’ watch NAB Challenge games during the AFL’s pre-season (82%) and a hefty 8% higher among those who ‘almost always’ watch (88%).

And the more dedicated the viewer, the greater the degree of satisfaction with the sponsoring bank. Customers who ‘almost always’ watch the NAB Challenge are almost a third more likely than the average NAB customer to be ‘very satisfied’ (43% compared with 33%), while occasional pre-season viewers are almost 20% more likely to be ‘fairly satisfied’ (56% compared with 47%).

Rising satisfaction among NAB customers who watch the NAB Challenge:

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source July - December 2015, sample n = 3,506 Australian NAB customers 14+

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“This data suggests a real correlation—and not just a demographic correlation—between fans of the AFL pre-season and their positive attitude to its sponsor.

“Almost 1 in 3 Australians who tune in to the AFL pre-season, whether almost always or occasionally, associate NAB with Australian Rules Football overall. Any company that sponsors a popular sporting event is hoping at heart for just an ounce of transference: love the sport, like us a bit. ROI is therefore not always easy to measure, but this data highlights how likeability can play a big part in satisfying customers—who are then more loyal, more open to cross-selling, and more likely to recommend to friends and family, delivering long-term benefits.”   

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