Monday, June 21st, 2010
Dog pounds throughout Australia are facing problems of overcrowding even though councils have access to cost-effective temporary options for dealing with unexpected demand, says Darwin-based inventor, Wayne Morris.

Mr Morris’s company, Bitch Box, produces collapsible, sturdy, dog enclosures which are being used by Darwin City Council to provide housing for surplus dogs.

“I have just toured councils in Queensland and have been surprised by how many could benefit from Bitch Boxes to provide transitional or temporary dog housing for an extended period while funding is sought for modernizing dilapidated facilities,” says Wayne Morris.

“Darwin Council is quite forward thinking in this area because it has viewed the purchase of Bitch Boxes as an investment in its dog management regime.

“The most obvious benefit of these enclosures is that they give the council flexibility to house an influx of unexpected dogs during storms.

“However, these easy-to-move units have also provided safe quarantine areas without draining council funds,” he says.

Bitch Box is calling upon all local government bodies to consider its portable enclosures as a low cost solution for alleviating crowding and stress in pounds.

“It is a rare thing when a humanitarian solution is also economically attractive,” adds Mr Morris.


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Bitch Box

Bitch Box is a pet enclosure product designed and manufactured by Wayne Morris of Berry Springs NT. The original idea was to provide a safe containment area in which a bitch in heat could be separated from other dogs to prevent unwanted breeding.
Wayne Morris
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