Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Providing Sales Managers with the necessary tools to maximise the performance of their Sales Teams, Adelaide based 3Cs Consulting announces its unique Sales Manager Empowerment Process.

This fully documented process provides a comprehensive review and implementation of structure, processes and set outcomes whilst involving and encouraging input from the entire sales team.

Craig Pickering, CEO of 3Cs Consulting, said, “Professional services available to Sales Managers are almost non-existent. There are numerous sales training and management training courses but precious few specifically for Sales Management. Considering their impact upon the overall performance of the organisation this imbalance requires urgent attention.

“Our focus on Sales Managers and the specific skillset they need in order to gain the maximum performance from their sales teams establishes us as a unique provider of specialist education and training. Sales Managers directly affect the sales performance of their organisation and yet receive, in most cases, no assistance or training. This is an astounding situation,” Mr Pickering added.

Craig Pickering’s book, “Successful Sales Management”, was recently published and has already received positive reviews. He has written numerous business articles, many of which have been published internationally.

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3Cs Consulting

As consultants and providers of sales training and sales management training, 3Cs Consulting delivers expertise in a number of key business areas.

With extensive qualifications and experience in more than a dozen industries they can make a difference to your business.
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