Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Over 2.5 million Australians now have either the or Domain property app (or both!) on their mobile phones or tablets (or both!), Roy Morgan Research shows.

Latest data for the final quarter of 2015 shows 1,968,000 Australians 14+ have ever downloaded to one or more mobile devices, compared with 1,295,000 who have downloaded Domain. This measure of unique people with each app avoids potential duplication when users download to multiple devices or re-download to replacement devices.

752,000 of those with either property app have downloaded both – 30% of the total (which means, conversely, that 70% of property app owners have chosen just one or the other). However while most app owners (62%) haven’t downloaded Domain, most of Domain app owners (58%) also have the competitor’s app.

The overall gap between the players and the rates of cross-downloading are closely replicated in usage. 1,414,000 Australians 14+ used the app in an average four weeks from October to December 2015, compared with 901,000 using the Domain app.

Number who have downloaded/used property apps:

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source October – December 2015, sample n = 12,461 Australians 14+

Tim Martin, General Manager – Media, Roy Morgan Research, says:

”The ongoing stoush over download and usage figures between the two property apps underscores the long-standing need for a consistent, usable tool for counting and evaluating website and app audiences. Each app’s four to five million ‘downloads’ likely include many multiple and replacement devices. Our results reveal the number of actual people who have each app on their phone or tablet—and our ground-breaking new Roy Morgan Audiences tool can now deliver even greater granuilarity to monitor and evaluate cross-device usage across consumer segments.    

“In 2015, over half of each app’s tablet audience also used the corresponding app on a mobile phone in the same four-week period. Advertisers need to be wary that unique audience figures may count the same person twice—and then a third time on the website. This can of course also skew the true profile of the audience: people who only visit via mobile or tablet or desktop will seem to make up less of the total audience than those who use two or more devices.

“Did those ads you paid for really reach a hundred thousand cashed-up young professionals, or was it served repeatedly to the same handful of Metrotechs?

“The ground-breaking new Roy Morgan Audiences tool finally gives advertisers and digital media owners an accurate count and profile of de-duplicated audiences.” 

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