Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Adelaide Fringe artist, Steve Davis, is calling upon the Commissioner of Taxation, Chris Jordan, and Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, to rule that tickets to his March 8 Fringe event be tax deductible for marketing and PR professionals because it will be a marketing masterclass, albeit an entertaining one.

The event will be the fourth live recording of The Adelaide Show, being held on Tuesdays throughout the 2016 Adelaide Fringe, but on March 8, the guests will be two marketers who can provide historical insights into the international phenomenon of South Australia's Iced Coffee marketing wars of the 1990s.

'In the 90s, Farmers Union and Dairy Vale went head to head in the flavoured milk category where the stakes were high because this market was the only one in the world where Iced Coffee outsold Coca Cola,' says Steve Davis.

'I remember reading essays about these wars in my marketing studies and now that I am working with two men who were at the frontline, I have taken the opportunity of convincing them to put aside their enmity and come together for one evening to capture the behind-the-scenes strategy making, the wins, the losses, and the anecdotes, which will be professionally invaluable to marketing and PR professionals and students.

'This is why I have rejected my accountant's timid advice that tickets to this show will not pass the test for tax deductibility and am appealing to the powers that be to rule in favour of our audience members if they work in related fields,' he says.

David Minear, Adelaide Fringe Chairman and Advertising Creative during the Iced Coffee wars is supporting the call and says the significance of this marketing story cannot be underestimated.

'It was World War 3. War Of The Words. Truth or lies. Fact versus fiction. A matter of life or death,' he recalls.

'It was bigger than Coca Cola versus Pepsi. Well, not quite. But it was our beverage war - Farmers Union Iced Coffee versus Dairy Vale Iced Coffee.

'I was only 19. Well, not quite. More like 27. I was on the front line of this contest. Literally in the trenches. It was bloody. It was brutal. Winning was everything. Until now, the truth has never been told,' he says.

Steve Davis says his pitch is based upon the fact the evening will be a panel discussion with encouragment for audience members to ask questions of the guests, ensuring specific learning and professional development can take place.

'Depending on whether or not the ATO is able to respond in the timeframe, I strongly urge audience members to get advice from their accounts before claiming the $19.50 ticket price as an expense,' says Mr Davis.

'Even without tax deductibility, I would encourage fellow marketers and PRs to buy tickets now because when career advancement is at stake, it's an Adelaide Show Masterclass, or it's nothing!'

More details and links to Fringetix here: http://theadelaideshow.com.au/adelaide-fringe-2016/132-adelaide-enemies-the-south-australian-iced-coffee-showdown/



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