Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Having problems with a roof can be an absolute disaster for a Melbourne homeowner.  Without the right resource to turn to repairs can be too expensive, take too long or even be of very poor quality.  Fortunately, help is out there.  Guardian Roofing has been Melbourne's “go to” roofing restoration and repair service for over a decade, delivering superior service at very attractive price points.


February 17, 2016


Arguably, the roof is the most important part of a home to keep in good condition.  Left with problems the entire home could even end up damaged in a worst case scenario, if the roof leaked badly or fell in.  Fortunately, in the extended Melbourne area, an option does exist that have a remarkable reputation in this area.   Enter Guardian Roofing who recently celebrated crossing the milestone of ten years in business offering high quality, affordable roof restoration and other roofing services.  The company proudly serves the entire extended Melbourne area, with an experienced and motivated team of professionals.   Clients have responded with enthusiasm.


“We are very passionate about delivering the best roofing services possible here in Melbourne,”  commented a spokesperson from the company.  “We understand roofs like  A to Z and inside and out.  We are really looking forward to hearing from potential clients and seeing how we can best help them repair or replace their roof, whichever best meet their individual needs.”


According to Guardian Roofing, the most popular of the services they offer include:  Melbourne roof restoration; roof repairs; roof painting; gutter repairs; and new roofing.   A full color repair catalog for roofs is featured on the Guardian Roofing website.


A very large emphasis is placed by Guardian Roofing on both safe working conditions and the final safety of the roof itself.  The company makes sure all workers are very well trained professionals on safety issues and concerns, and Guardian Roofing are very proud to always maintain all necessary licenses, insurance other requirements to be able to deliver the best possible work on people's homes legally, ethically and safely.


Guardian Roofing guarantees the workmanship and materials on every roofing job completed.  If there's any issues with the work during the warranty period the company will send a tradesman to do the repair at no cost.


Reviews from clients continue to be positive across the board.


Claudio, from Melbourne, recently said in a five star review, “Thank you very much for the great work done at our property. I really appreciate the guidance you gave us through the job to give us what we needed immediately (no more leaky roof) without having to spend more than required. Most companies would have told us to do the high pressure wash etc even if state of tiles was not worth it, yet you guys were very honest and we really appreciate that. So far for each rain fall that we have had we have seen no leaks, which is a relief. Thanks again for such a great job.”


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