Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Think Fashion Stylists are expensive and only for magazines and movie stars? Well think again says stylist Kirsty Noakes.

The stylist and founder of Ascot-based Shop & Style Specialists (SaSS) says the secret is out – stylists are no longer just for celebrities.

“These days more and more ‘non-celebrity’ people are using stylists – it’s a growth part of the industry – because it actually makes good financial sense,” Ms Noakes said.

“Most people only wear about 30% of their wardrobe and spend between $1,500 and $4,000 a year on clothes.

“When you do the math it's cheaper, faster and more effective to engage a stylist so that you are wearing a higher percentage of the clothes you’ve paid for,” Ms Noakes said.

“My clients are aware that first impressions are important not only in a social setting, but that in the business world your presentation and confidence can attract or drive away potential clients within seconds of meeting.

“Add these things up and it makes so much sense for anyone to maximise value from the money they do spend on clothes, get expert advice on fashion and what suits them and edit their wardrobe so they look and feel fantastic.

“Using a stylist, you’ll spend less and wear more in your personal life and attract more business and success in your professional life. Who doesn't want that? Ms Noakes said.

In 2015, Kirsty was the winner of the Best Home Based Business award in the Belmont Small Business Awards.

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Shop & Style Specialists

SaSS offer stylist services for clients to help them feel better in their personal lives and attract more customers and success in their corporate lives.

Kirsty is a volunteer Stylist at Dress For Success (https://perth.dressforsuccess.org/contact/) and donates all suitable corporate garments she obtains from clients during wardrobe sorts.

Kirsty is a new mum of 9 month old twins.

Kirsty Noakes
P: 0421 661 393
M: 0421 661 393
W: www.shopandstylespecialists.com


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