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[LOLL Logo]This summer get the perfect combination of beach towel and mobile changing room,with new LOLL wearable beach towels.

These fantastic new wearable beach towels provide the ideal solution to changing in or out of your swimmers, without any embarrassing beach boobs!

Modelled on the cute and very practical beach ponchos for kids (minus the animal ears and tails etc.), LOLL ponchos are a beach-towel-and-poncho--in-one and convert from a towel into a poncho in seconds.

With zips down the sides, these clever towels can be zipped up for changing or wearing to and from the beach and unzipped for drying or lying on.

Knee length to provide more than adequate cover to change under, these one size fits all* ponchos are slightly longer at the back, so you don’t burn the backs of your legs when you sit down.

Plus all LOLLs come with a clever internal velcro pocket perfect for keys, sunscreen or even a book! Inside the velcro pocket is a small zipped pocket to keep your phone sand free while you lie onthe beach.

Made from 400gsm cotton, LOLL towels are thick enough to dry you properly, while being quick to dry and not over-bulky in your beach bag.

Is there nothing LOLL hasn’t thought of?!

  • Internal pocket for your phone and keys
  • Dries quickly
  • Protects your modesty and your legs
  • *One size fits all to size 18

LOLL designer, Lara Solomon, who was the creator of the original “mobile phone socks”, Mocks, thought up this simple beach solution after years of struggling with a towel on windy beaches!

“I knew there had to be a better way to both dry and change on the beach, then I saw kids changing under their ponchos and thought, ‘I need a big one of those’!”

LOLL towels are available at www.LOLL.com.au RRP: AU$75



For more information, samples or photography, please contact [email protected] or Lara direct T: 0448 999877 or E: [email protected]

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LOLL is a range of wearable towels for grownups... like the ponchos that children wear but with zips down the side so you can easily lie them out on the beach, an internal pocket to hold your phone, keys money and more plus they are longer at the back so that you don't burn the backs of your legs when you sit down.

Lara Solomon
M: 0448 999877
W: www.LOLL.com.au


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