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Often owners think “but my kittykins wouldn’t do that” and maybe he or she wouldn’t but, do they really know what they get up to?  Cats are noctural – they hunt at night,  usually owners are tucked up in bed when the little darlings are outside potentially terrorising the local wildlife.

Killing other animals is natural to cats who are hunters, owners can’t just say “stop doing that” they need to actually take measures to ensure that their cats don’t do it.  Here are a number of options for owners to consider…

On a Leash

cat wearing a harnessKeep the cat indoors and take them outside on leash with for a walk or to roam free while attached to the leash. This does mean that usually the cat would only go outdoors in the daytime and only for a short period of time.  Depending on the cat this may or may not work.

To try this, put the leash harness on indoors and check that the cat can’t escape from it BEFORE going outdoors.  It is important to work out the size of your garden and the length of the leash - you want to give your cat some freedom but not 100s of metres.


Kept Indoors

Other owners just have indoor cats, who don’t actually go outside at all.  Some people see this as mean for the cat, but if it is all the cat has known then they don’t actually know what they are missing.

In an Outdoor Run

outdoor cat run

An outdoor cat run, is the easiest way to make sure that your cat is safe from other animals, e.g. feral cats and also the wildlife are safe from it.  You can get a run built to more or less whatever size you want, depending on the size of your garden.

Some owners make the run so that it leads from the house and the cat can come and go as they please, whereas others will have it as a stand alone feature in the garden that they take the cat out to.

Omlet has a steel mesh cat enclosure, which comes flat packed and is easy to assemble at home.  The strong steel mesh protects your cat from predators getting in and also it getting out!  The run can be accessorised with toys like a scratching post, chair, hammocks and cushions to make it feel like home.

At just over 2m high you can easily walk into the run and play with your cat, and by adding covers and a house you can ensure that your cat will be protected from sun and rain.

Cats in Australia are already massively contributing to the decline and extinction of native wildlife, so rather than thinking “one more won’t make a difference” or “mine won’t do that” think about how to stop your cat.

The Omlet cat enclosures start at 2x2x2m priced from $699 available online at www.Omlet.com.au

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