Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Have you ever noticed that our current health system is more concerned with fighting off illness and disease than encouraging optimal health? Chiropractor, author, and wellness champion Dr Bryce Fleming has. To remedy this, he’s bringing his unique and engaging practice of wellness care to Sydney and will be opening his flagship studio, Alignment Chiropractic + Health, in Milsons Point on March 10th- and with it comes a rEvolution.  

As one of the most sought after Chiropractors in the business, Dr Fleming understands that improving spinal function and flexibility has unquantifiable effects on people’s physical and cognitive function. “The secret is to tap into our gene code and ‘flip’ the correct switches with our diet, exercise patterns, thought processes and brain function” Dr Fleming explains. Without a holistic view on health and fitness, and an understanding that it needs to be maintained, one is not able to harness their true capacity.

The services offered at Alignment studio will reflect this universal approach to strength and wellness, and are based on Dr Fleming's celebrated Life Integrated Method TM. “This approach, creates healthy habits and allows for slow, comfortable, sustainable change rather than the ‘all or nothing’ mentality that most of us have attempted and failed miserably” he explains. The method, which focuses on adding real health choices is part of Dr Fleming's 4 weeks to wellness program and encompasses the following components that teach clients to:

  • FUEL | Adding the correct ‘wild human’ nutrition.
  • MOVE | How to exercise only 1-2 hours per week to get amazing results.
  • CREATE | Creating a value-based approach to goal setting and mind setting. 
  • CONNECT | How to connect your nutrition, movement, and mind together by improving the neurological ‘power’ of the brain and nervous system

“Getting and staying healthy is actually a lot easier than people think” Dr Fleming says. The thought behind the tested and successful method is to create healthy habits and allow for slow, empowering, sustainable change. This entirely juxtaposes the ‘all or nothing’ mentality that most of us have attempted and failed miserably.

Struggling with his health as a child, Dr Fleming found out the hard way that the “right things” weren’t right at all. This catalysed his mission to educate and align as many people as possible towards sustainable health. He is a respected authority in the CrossFit community, an author, a Cross Fit level 1 coach, and a professional public speaker that has shared the stage with the likes of Pete Evans.



Purchase 'The Underground Health rEvolution' by Dr Bryce Fleming /Terry O'Connor here http://www.drbrycefleming.com.au/revolution/



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