Saturday, February 13th, 2016

How did activist singer songwriter, John Schumann of Redgum fame become and remain mates with David Minear, Adelaide Fringe Chair and one of 'consumerist society's' heroes for his work as a leader in Australia's advertising world?

How can a husband and wife perform together on stage in Chunky Custard for more than a decade while raising a family and staying sane?

What is it like to take your clothes off on stage in front of strangers for money?

What really happened behind the scenes during the height of the Iced Coffee wars in South Australia between Farmers Union Iced Coffee and arch rival Dairy Vale's DV?

Each Tuesday night of the Adelaide Fringe, a select group of 25 Fringe goers will get to explore these questions in an intimate recording of The Adelaide Show podcast with Steve Davis and Nigel Dobson-Keeffe, on stage at The Arkaba Hotel.

'We have a 3,000-strong community around our weekly show abourt South Australia, and these live recordings are an experiment in sharing what goes on behind the scenes and getting to meet our listeners face to face,' says the Adelaide Show's founder, Steve Davis.

'This hobby began 129 weeks ago and has gone through some lineup changes and format changes while staying true to the mission of putting South Australia on centre stage each week,' he says.

'We open wine and take our time with guests each week, who become co-presenters for their episodes.

'Fun happens, insights happen, and we always end up delighted but unexpected stories and opinions that help us understand our guests and our fellow South Aussies better,' he says.

The Adelaide Show podcast covers current events with David Washington from InDaily, health developments with Max Martin from iNform Health and Fitness Solutions, local music thanks to Adrian Miller, wine thanks to local wineries, and history thanks to Nigel Dobson-Keeffe's research for the Is It News quiz.

'We are looking forward to interacting with a live audience during these recordings, to capture questions, test their knowledge of South Australian history, and see what creativity can happen for the shooting of a preview video which is done each week to promote the release of the audio program,' says Steve.

'Our whole venture is only possible thanks to the generosity, interest and support of many people including Jenny Hurley from The Arkaba, our guests who are giving up their time to make conversation with us, and our listeners who share episodes with friends and help spread the word.

'While only 25 seats are available each week, the podcast episodes will be available in all podcast players the following night and also via the South Australian and Australian Archives who are storing the programs in perpetuity,' he says.

Tickets are available on the Adelaide Fringe website in the Events section.



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The Adelaide Show Podcast

The Adelaide Show is a weekly program recorded in Adelaide that puts South Australia on centre stage.
In its current iteration, each week's guest becomes the third co-host and is involved not only in an expanded interview but also involved in:
  • tasting the South Australian Drink Of The Week
  • taking part in the historic news quiz, Is It News? (usually crafted around a theme relevant to the guest)
  • adjudicating in the tongue-in-cheek segment, The Adelaide Visa Council, in which the panel rules on the worthiness or otherwise of comments about Adelaide made on social media in the preceding week
The focus is on the people of South Australia and the various enterprises and interests they are engaged in. 
The lead host is former talkback radio announcer, Steve Davis (now marketing director at Baker Marketing) and fellow host is Nigel Dobson-Keeffe, a cognitive scientist in the defense industry, former engineer and amateur artist.
The podcast also includes regular, weekly commentary from David Washington (editor, In Daily) and Max Martin (exercise physiologist and board member of Fitness Australia).
This 'labour of love' has attracted more than 2,000 followers on Twitter, 920 on Facebook and downloads per episode between 500 and 1000. The three dominant audience age groups, skewed to females 56:44, are 35-44, 45-54 and 25-34.
The overall feel of the podcast is relaxed with a heightened curiosity to learn about the experiences and motivations of South Australians involved in a broad cross section of endeavours.
Guests are heartily encouraged to promote their episode to their networks and as such, help grow an engaged community.
The podcast is available from the website, on iTunes and Stitcher, and can be found by searching for The Adelaide Show in most podcast playing apps and websites.
New episodes are released late Wednesday nights with a preview video shared Wednesday mornings.
It is a voluntary, community-based enterprised.

Steve Davis
M: 0403022077


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