Friday, June 4th, 2010
Online Virtual Assistant/Business Support Practice, FastFingers Typing Service… Your Virtual Admin Assistant is celebrating one year in business this month.

Adelaide resident Denise Marron launched her Virtual Assistant (VA) business one year ago as a way of supporting businesses, organisations and individuals worldwide with their Administrative workload in order to help them reclaim their time, energy and life so that they can get back to focusing on what they do best.

Virtual Assisting is one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century, which is not surprising given the many cost-effective and time-saving benefits of using a VA. The list of tangible and non-tangible benefits associated with hiring a VA is extensive and virtually limitless. One of the greatest advantages to small businesses and organisations partnering with VAs is the elimination of costs associated with providing employee benefits, paying taxes, purchasing furniture and equipment, and the additional costs often associated with training. As independent contractors and entrepreneurs, Virtual Assistants are responsible for paying their own benefits, insurance, taxes, and other associated costs.

Neither the location of a company or a VA is a barrier, because everything can be done online. A professional VA works from a fully-functional office and provides their own equipment, technologies, software, etc. VAs are paid only for time spent on a task and utilise time-tracking software that records duration and billing information associated with the assignment.

In addition, professional VAs bring already learned years of hands-on application with the newest Internet-based technologies that can improve business operations and keep owners on the cutting edge of innovation and potential business growth. It’s clear that small business owners and organisations can experience significant savings both in time, money, training and technology by partnering with a professional Virtual Assistant.

Now more than ever VAs are in high demand, as the struggling global economy has forced small businesses to cut back and streamline practices. This means that projects and skills that were once handled by full-time on-site staff may now be handled by a professional VA from their home office.

Worldwide, thousands of office support providers have joined the ranks of work-from-home, full-time, business owners. Ms Marron, who provides a socially inclusive service offering a discounted rate to income support recipients and students and a free service to disadvantaged, isolated and marginalised individuals says, “Many Virtual Assistants started out as corporate professionals, having spent a number of years working in mainstream employment and are now looking for a flexible work-from-home solution. The Virtual Assistant industry in Australia alone is becoming a thriving, extremely valuable and very affordable resource for businesses and individuals.”

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FastFingers Typing Service...Your Virtual Admin Assistant

Launched on the 6th June 2009, FastFingers Typing Service…Your Virtual Admin Assistant specialises in providing proficient and cost-effective, online Administrative Support and Social Media Assistance to not-for-profit organisations and training consultants as well as small businesses, entrepreneurs, college and university students, job seekers and individuals, in order to help them reclaim their time, energy and life so that they can get back to focusing on what they do best! Visit the Web site at
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