Friday, June 4th, 2010
5064 Horizontal Grinder Provides Users With Midsized Grinder Option

JAMESTOWN, ND--(Marketwire) - DuraTech Industries announced this week the release of a new midsized horizontal grinder to its industrial line of grinders. The 5064 Horizontal Grinder is a more compact version of the massive 9564 Horizontal Grinder, and can be used in a variety of environments and applications.

This midsized horizontal grinder is ideal for grinding all types of biomass with a smaller, more economical machine. At 39 ft 5 in (12.01 m) long and 70,000 lb (31,751.47 kg), the 5064 is the perfect solution for users who want a smaller grinder for their farm, ranch or biomass operation.

"The 5064 Horizontal Grinder satisfies a new set of needs for our customers," said Al Goehring, marketing manager at DuraTech Industries. "It meets the needs of operations that require a midsized horizontal grinder that can produce ground end products from a wide variety of feedstock. It has the features and benefits that will provide a good return on investment for the owners."

The 5064 is available in a track or a trailer model and is available with a variety of CAT Tier III horsepower to choose from to meet your grinding needs. Choose from 475hp (354kw), 540hp (403kw) or 630hp (470kw) coupled with an HPTO 14 wet clutch for maximum return on your investment.

The large 61.5 in x 35 in (1.56 m x 0.89 m) feed opening feeds the 64 in (1.63 m), 8,550 lb (3,878.21 kg) hammermill for maximum grinding capacity. The programmable logic load speed controller keeps the product flowing through the 13 ft (3.96 m), 197 cu ft (5.59 cu m) feed hopper for improved grinding efficiencies.

The 5064 Horizontal Grinder will be available this fall and can be ordered at local dealerships. For more information on the 5064 Horizontal Grinder or any other DuraTech Industries products, visit or call (701) 252-4601.

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