Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
xMatters, Formerly AlarmPoint Systems, Helps Enterprises Provide Employees and Customers With Relevant Information, Collaboration and Mobile Access

PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwire) - xMatters, the relevance engine company, formerly AlarmPoint Systems, today revealed details about its recent name change and how the move will help it meet the growing demand for products and services that connect with employees and customers at exactly the right moment. xMatters' relevance engines offer the ability to personalize communication on a mass scale, removing unnecessary information to deliver what matters, when it matters.

xMatters' clients are requesting and implementing relevance engines within product development, customer management and marketing to help with innovation and overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. Expanding their focus beyond the ITSM and Business Continuity audiences will help new departments and new markets communicate with each employee and each customer individually, delivering higher quality services at a lower cost to clients.

"Over the years we've worked with our clients to broaden the breadth of relevance engines to meet the needs of their customers," said Troy McAlpin, CEO, xMatters. "Our new identity, message and position is a more accurate reflection of our focus -- to deliver what matters to people when it matters most. We are now better able to serve our clients across multiple areas of their business."

For the past ten years, notification vendors have been focused on solving two primary challenges: delivering information in real time and mass notifying users when an issue has occurred. People now expect to be connected to products and services when it matters and not be bothered when it doesn't. This complicated technical challenge represents the next wave of innovation which will come from technologies that can match events and situations with what matters to each individual at the exact time they need it, allowing them to act faster.

xMatters relevance engines are a first-hand look into this seismic shift, providing mass personalization to deliver information and choices to the right people, giving them the ability to take immediate action. With mass personalization, decision-making cycles shrink, while service quality improves and performance soars.

Relevance engines can be added to existing products or services to connect people with relevant information, notifications, choices and actions at exactly the right moment. Utilizing mass personalization, a relevance engine carefully parses individual and group preferences, roles, profiles and responsibilities, matching them with times, schedules, locations, networks and devices. It then translates and delivers the information according to those preferences, sending only relevant choices, blocking what doesn't matter.

Because relevance engines selectively deliver what matters to the person, giving them the ability to take immediate action, they help businesses function more quickly, accurately and intelligently. To learn more about relevance engines and mass personalization, visit

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xMatters builds relevance engines that connect people with what they need to know at exactly the right moment -- so they can take immediate action. Our relevance engines work with existing enterprise applications, technologies, and processes to help businesses run faster and smarter. Over 800 global firms use xMatters to make their products and services more valuable, both internally and to their customers and shareholders.

Founded in 2000 as AlarmPoint Systems, xMatters is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA with European operations based in Woking, U.K. and Asia Pacific operations based in Sydney, Australia. More information is available at or call 1-800-861-3916.
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